Elegant Wooden Bunk Beds for Perfect Room Setup

Saving space doesn’t mean you have to set boring furniture because of its practical design.

Wooden bunk beds are the solution for you with high interior taste since the wooden colors presents luxury and elegance.

At some point, wooden furniture may look heavy. Maybe you question is it alright to put wooden bunk bed in your small room. However, after seeing these bunk beds ideas, you will find that wooden bedding isn’t just only for larger space.

With some proper designs and shapes, these bunk beds can always be the furniture that is supportive in saving bedroom spot.

Bunk Beds Styles to Save Bedroom Space in Stylish Ways

Spacious Bedroom using Wooden Wooden Bunk Beds with Lower Storages and Oak Ladder


From traditional shape until the unique theme, bunk beds are the practical furniture that always exists to complement minimalist room. Here come some bunk beds that can inspire you with the new bedding arrangement in the most stylish way. Don’t limit yourself with default bunk bed shape.

These new models are coming to enrich the furniture designs.

Classic Bunk Beds with Dark Wood

What comes with classic style is always true elegance. Wooden bunk beds with classic style are usually made from dark wood. They may look heavy, but since the bed shape is compact, they are always fine in small room.

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However, classic inspired bunk bed designed in modern look is also great to be set in the bedroom corner. Painting wooden bunk beds in classic ways are better in darker color. It showcases its elegance.

Unique Dark Grey Wooden Bunk Beds using Interesting Ladder inside Wide Bedroom with Oak Flooring


Unique Wooden Bunk Beds Customized with Theme

The good thing from bunk bed from wood is you can customize it just like what you wish. Designing the bed with theme is exciting. It’s like bringing your imagination into the real one through the bedroom. Children bedding is more creative if they have themed bedding.

Decorating the wall around the bed with suitable wall decals are the favorite decorating way. For your girl, castle bunk bed is beautiful for true girly interior look.

Rustic Wood Bunk Bed for Thicker Nature Color

Rustic look is always identical with nature theme. If you want to set bedding in your cabin or country style house, you better choose rustic wood bunk beds.

The beddings are just as cozy as the wooden interior. When winter comes, there’s no place that is more comforting than the cabin room with rustic bunk beds.

Emphasizing the nature color is the main characteristic of wood bunk beds. Classic bunk beds show the hard wood and solid color. Modern bunk beds have sleek and practical features.

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Meanwhile, rustic bunk beds showcase more warm and cozy shapes. Using wood as the bedding isn’t in that old fashion, is it?