24 Ideas for Better Wine Bottle Centerpieces

Do you plan a party this weekend? Have you thought about the table’s decoration?

Decoration of table has important part for every party. You don’t have to give too much decoration for your party. Just focus on the table decoration, and your party will looks cheery and pleasant.

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One of best table decoration is the wine bottle centerpieces. You could use new wine or champagne bottle with their fresh liquid.

Another way, you could use old champagne or wine bottle to replace flower vase. Of course you need some colorful flower to fill the bottles.

There are many available ideas for wine bottle centerpieces.

At some shops, you may find a set of wine bottle decoration. However, you could make this decoration by yourself as well. Here is the complete list of wine bottle centerpieces ideas, either for DIY project or not.

1. Flowers Holder

This is just perfect choice If you want more evergreen party theme

2. Flowers Holder 2

Gracious lily flowers will looked more lovely in this beautiful idea

3. Roses

The beauty of roses can be added in this idea. Check it out!

4. White Painted

For summer party with cheery yellow sunflower, try this idea immediately

5. Autumn

For crisp but elegant autumn party, you should see this gorgeous idea

6. Halloween

If you will have Halloween party at house, this is just one perfect idea

7. Burlap

If you get tired of too many flower decorations, check this out

8. Planter Kit

If you get tired of too much flowers but still want fresh plants

9. Hang it

For romantic hanging bottle of elegant roses at your special wedding party

10. Chalkboard

You could write the wedding guests table number on this stunning chalkboard bottle


Now, you could write some inspirational quotes on colorful wine bottles as well

12. Fruits

Simple touches to make wine and bottles champagne looks enchanting at your wedding party

13. Alphabet

You could just wrap the bottles too! Put nice cute ribbon on the bottleneck

14. Number

Simple shabby chic bottle idea for you who don’t want too much ribbon things

15. Candle Holder

Classic wine bottle centerpieces for every pleasant and formal dinner party

16. Snow

Greatest wine bottle decoration for snowy Christmas dinner party at your own dining room

17. Glitter

For more glamorous Christmas dinner party, more glitter is the merrier

18. Pumpkin

Need cheaper but still looks adorable options? This could be perfect choice for you

19. Candle Holder Tea Light

And, if you don’t have seasonal theme party, this idea could be generated too

20. Planter

If you want fun pirate-theme party, then you could try these following ideas

21. Glitter Vases

You could use your old milk bottles as well, with little help from glitter

22. Vases

Not as expensive as champagne, but bottles of beer could looks elegant too

23. Number & Candle

If your candle holders are nowhere to be found, this is your best helper

24. Another Candle

The more candlelight, the better party you will have

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