25 Interior Design with Vaulted Ceiling

The interior design with vaulted ceiling is one of interesting room concepts, which usually brings comfortable space in adorable texture. Here are several impressive ceiling designs with vaulted style. It brings warm interior space in such an elegant style on its appearance.

The key on making this unique ceiling design is about creating additional lifted-height on your room. It provides extra spaces for the larger ceiling appearance. Of course, you can make a new room makeover by using this simple ceiling concept. You can use coffered ceiling too.

Well, enough for the chit chat. You can continue scrolling down to find out the ceiling room design that you want to apply on your home. Remodeling your interior design by making new ceiling style will bring unique appearance in such different situation.

1. Start with this traditional but way too modern as rustic interior design

2. Actually, the modern interior design can be use the vaulted ceiling style, too

3. Look at this all-white modern kitchen with its spacious ceiling

4. This one is also interesting with its impressive trapezoid ceiling style

5. Let’s get back to traditional triangular vaulted ceiling interior concept

6. This ceiling design also adopts block tiling texture. What an impressive one!

7. Grab this sweet bedroom design with cozy ceiling design just for you

sweet bedroom ceiling design


8. If you prefer the vaulted ceiling on your hall, then look at this one

9. Add some window on your vaulted ceiling in master bedroom. The result is awesome!

10. This living room is also adopting triangular vaulted ceiling design

11. You also can add the same window setting in vaulted ceiling on kitchen

12. Are you looking for some rustic wooden ceiling? This Orinda Residence might be good example

13. This bedroom also has beautiful vaulted ceiling with simple grey look

14. Again, the rustic wooden ceiling and vaulted style can be a perfect combination

15. This country bedroom style is beautiful enough with its simplicity

16. Look at this awesome vaulted ceiling with wooden texture and additional window

17. This one has contemporary and modern vaulted ceiling style that blended perfectly

18. You also can apply the same contemporary vaulted ceiling style on this minimalist bedroom

19. The ceiling looks sloped while the interior accent is modern enough with its elegance

20. It’s a wonderful thing knowing that the vaulted ceiling can adopted in modern interior

21. Combine it with the wooden texture and you will get modern rustic vaulted ceiling

22. This kitchen is also interesting by using the same wooden vaulted ceiling

23. Well, look at this lounge space. It’s spacious enough with the vaulted ceiling, isn’t it?

24. This one is using the original shape of its triangular roofing design

25. Vaulted ceiling design everywhere! Including the bathroom interior inside your house

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