3 Popular Types of Triple Bunk Beds with Cool Features

Triple bunk beds are well known in squeezing small bedroom to fully occupied room. Now you will find many bunk bed variations with three level starts from the bed with the simplest lines until the built-in one.

The reasons of using triple bunk beds are obvious. Besides the design is practical, the prince is much affordable. Most of us who prefer simple room arrangement should choose this bunk bed style.

Talking about styles, bunk beds with triple designs are no longer old fashions.

What Types of Triple Bunk Beds Should You Choose?

Children are those who usually share bedroom. More children need more space for studying, playing, or just relaxing. Bedroom should be the coziest place for everyone.

Although bunk beds in triple design are good for kids, adult can have this bunk bed, too. If this bunk bed is used for adult bedroom, the privacy is the issue.

Applying curtains on it is the solution.

1. Triple Bunk Bed with Extra Storage

This is the greatest way to keep the bedroom spacious. All three beddings and large drawers are in one. The designs fit modern bedroom. Made from light wood, this bedding looks amazing to be compared with neutral colored wallpapers and bright interior.

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The lower part of the bed has two large drawers to store additional pillows, duvet, or other bedroom appliances.

Woolen rug can be placed on the floor to give warming sense.

2. L Shape Bunk Bed for Bedroom Corner

Bunk bed arrangement is sometimes done in creative way. L shape bunk bed gives more unique look in the corner of your children’s room. You can plan yourself for the bunk bed shape and arrangement like this.

The more creative you are, the more unique the bunk bed is.

For girls, choose the colors like pink or light purple with the bedroom wall having girly color.

Alluring Purple Blankets in Unique White Triple Bunk Beds inside Cozy Girls Bedroom


Bright Lamps on Ceiling Fan above Modern Triple Bunk Beds with Fluffy Pillows


3. Custom-made Triple Bunk Bed

Planning to set bunk bed in both adult and children room is challenging. One of the challenging things is you should make the built-in bunk bed for more customized bedding.

For example if you want to have more privacy with the bunk bed, then you have to install curtains on it.

However, this customized bunk bed is the favorite one since the design is more personalized.

Clean White Bedroom with Gorgeous Triple Bunk Beds and Tidy Shelves under Wide Ceiling Lamp


You can see the bunk beds are stylish bedding, too. It is the type of bedding where you can freely customize and has excellent utility.

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This is also the bedding that can be designed in the most innovative way.

Many contemporary bedrooms are now more spacious when the employ bunk bed inside. Some variations like loaf bed or bunk bed in more than three levels are also the alternative for minimalist bedroom.