Easy Triple Bunk Bed Plans (with Examples)

Triple Bunk Beds Project

People who have more than one sibling must be know about the importance of spaces. Privacy is still needed even if you are living together with your siblings.  Live with siblings together, there are many things to be shared: time, foods, toys, and the most important is about spaces.

Many people choose bunk bed because of its efficiency. Usually, it used on dormitory or boarding school. However, you could purchase bunk bed as well, to save much house spaces. And here is clever way to get triple bunk bed with limited budget: just do it by yourself!

Exactly, you could build the triple bunk bed just by yourself without too many costs. The materials needed are easier to get as well. With just little patient and spirit, nice triple bunk bed could be created quite easily. Before starting this project, you will need these following materials:

  • 18 carriage
  • Boards (2×6, 2×4, 2×3)
  • Plywood (3 sheet)
  • Wood box
  • Gel stain
  • Polyurethane
  • Router
  • Drill
  • Table saw
  • Hand sander
  1. Create Three Bed Box

The bed box is the most important part of this project. You could make them first before anything. Measure the dimension precisely. Children and adult’s bed must be have different dimension.

  1. Create the Bunk Bed Ladder
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After the step one is done, now you may create the bunk bed ladder. You need two ladder, for the upper bed and for the middle bed. Just like the precious step, you should measure the tall precisely too.

  1. Sand them all!

Use sandpaper to sand all of the surface carefully. Surely you want them to be as smooth as possible.

  1. Vernish or paint it

The next step is to vernish or paint the bed boxes and ladders. However, you can do these after assembling processes.

  1. Bring them in

The fifth step of this project, bring all of the components into your house. Give sign on every precise spot for this triple bunk bed on the bedroom.

  1. Mount them all

Make some studs on the bedroom’s wall. After that, you may mount the bed boxes onto the wall. Do it carefully and patiently. You could place the bottom bed and upper bed horizontally and the middle bed vertically. Don’t forget about the bed rails

  1. Build the tall ladder

The seventh step, you should build the tall ladder for the upper bed box. Attach them carefully on the bed rails.

  1. Small ladder for middle bed

Now, the middle bed needs ladder too. Just like the seventh step, you could attach the steps on the bed rails.

  1. Plug the holes
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Use wooden buttons and plug each screw hole.

  • Glue and tap

Then, glue all of the buttons.

  • Cleaning time!

Wipe and clean them gently. You will need them clean for the next steps.

  • Give prime color

Paint them all in prime color such as white.

  • Choose your favourite color.

Now, you could paint them in colorful theme. Pink could be suitable color for girls.

  • Show time!

The triple bunk bed is ready!

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