20 Smart Toy Storage Ideas as Messy Solution

We agree that our children should freely play to build their creativity. But we always see their toys are everywhere after playing. How many times do you see your living room or the kids’ bedroom in a mess?

These toy storage ideas will help you to place the plaything in more organized ways.

It can be very time-saving when you try to find them. It also keeps the room away from the mess. No more stepping on toys or Lego.

Let’s start to organize with creative storage ideas. You can’t wait to see your room free-cluttered, right?

1. Melon Crate Toy Storage

Reuse the melon crate for portable toy storage where all toys fit there. Cute wheels addition will make this crate easy to move by your kids. All they need to do after playing is putting all their toys here. It’s simple way to train their responsibility.

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2. Under the Bench Built-In Storage

Using already existed place is also effective. Divide the space under the nook or bench and put woven baskets there to store your kids’ toys. It’s hidden but still reachable.

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3. Mini Closet Fashion Storage

This is cuteness overload. For your girls who has costume collection, let her keep them here. It’s now to let the little princess to organize their own dress. You can build this mini closet without time-consuming process. Try it!

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4. Hidden Toys Cabinet

Vertical cabinetry is always a choice for keeping the small living room clean. So, why don’t you make one for storing the toys? Employ the bookcase that is no longer used and just cover it with curtain. Nobody will notice that you keep the toys there.

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5. Ottoman Toy Case

An ottoman can be a very practical toy box, or in a contrary. This is smart solution for double duty furniture where you can create a crate as a toy box. And then cover it with upholstered top for making it as an ottoman. It is worth to try.

6. Bucket for Toys

Playing outside is fun! But make sure all the toys are well kept before entering the house. Organize some buckets on the sleek iron racks for the outdoor toys. Label the buckets with the toys’ group. Now, no toy will be missing.

7. Toy Sack for Lego

Here comes the solution for not stepping on Lego. Stop the Lego from hurting you by putting all the parts inside this fashionable sack. Remembering that all Lego will be put in the right way, it’s time to make one.

8. Hanging Toy Bag

Coming with creative storage, you should run out of ideas. You can grab embroidery hoops to make these cute bags. Get S-hooks to hang them on the wall reachable for the kids. They can take their toys without leaving any mess.

9. Bedside Toy Pouch

Talking about reachable, where is the place for kids to keep their toys but beside their bed? It’s a genius idea that you can start to try through simple DIY projects. Create simple pouch that you can hang on the bedside with colorful fabrics. Not only toys, their creativity tools like crayons and bedtime storybook can fit in here.

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10. Lego Storage Box

Bigger children maybe have more Lego. All of them must be well kept to avoid Lego spread in your entire living room floor. Arranging plastic boxes in different sizes are the solution. Put them on the shelves to keep them visible.

11. Under Table Storage Cubes

Boxes or cubes are the most popular storage. You can get them in all shopping stores. If you are not into DIY, you can get some of them and place them in the saving space spot, such as under the table. This works for preventing extra mess.

12. Dress Up Wardrobe

It’s another cute DIY to make. This small pink wardrobe will excite your little girl. Now she has the cute place to place all of her beauty fashion here. By the way, it’s good to introduce her how to organize a closet. She gets all her costumes, headbands, and hats here.

13. Action Storage and Display

More than just storage, this plastic pouch displays the power of superhero characters. Your boys would love to have in his bedroom. This decorative storage is easy to make and practical to be placed in the hidden spot, such as behind the door.

14. Toy Bins in Bathroom

Do you have rubber ducks and all other toys wet after your kids bathing? And you must wait them to dry before putting them into storage? Not anymore now. Make these simple toy bins in your kids’ bathroom and put the wet toys immediately even before they dry. No more bathroom mess.

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15. Stuffed Animal in Buckets

Stuffed animal toys are often hard to store since they are usually big. This genius storage will solve the problem. Simply mount some buckets on the wall where all stuffed animals can be neatly stored. Add cute faux flowers and ribbons on the buckets to beautify them. Very easy DIY storage, isn’t it?

16. Colorful Ceiling Baskets

What cute stuffed animals popping up there! Yes, if the space is tiny, the storage must be placed in this way. It’s not about making the ceiling crowded. In fact, there will be like decorations since they are made in colorful designs.

17. Mason Jars for Small Toys

Small toys need more meticulous organizing. You can use mason jars to keep the crayons, small animal toys, and colorful alphabets. They will be easy to see through these glass jars.

18. Canvas Toy Totes

Under the bed always provides extra space to store the toys. These simple canvas totes fit for being placed under your children’s bed. These canvas totes can be loaded with large amount of toys and keep them hidden so the bedroom will be away from the mess.

19. Stuffed Animal Shelving

How cute it is! Getting all stuffed animals as one in one shelf. The good news is, it doesn’t need any special shelving. You even can use iron sleek chair.

20. Colorful Toy Drawers

A handy craftsman is needed for this project. These drawers will keep the toys well-classified. This trains your kids to put things in the right order, too. Colorful accents are needed to make these drawers more attractive. It’s good solution for nursery room, too.