15 Small Bedroom Ideas that Easy to Copy

No more complaints about small space in the bedroom. When you start to employ these small bedroom ideas, you’ll know that your bedroom is more stylish and larger than you thought it was.

If you are longing for having tight sleep in your limited bedroom space, you’ll be satisfied by these small bedroom ideas. Now you can relax after your long work hour in your cozy bedroom, no matter how small it is.

These designs prove that room size isn’t the problem.

That’s how these bedrooms are decorated. But they have one in common, the hues are soothing.

They have purpose to calm your night down and deliver comfortable atmosphere while you are sleeping.

Make over your bed by applying these ideas.

1. Girly Attic Bedroom

So, your bedroom is in the attic? When people said that attic is the space that’s hard to decorate, they get it wrong. Explore your feminine style by setting the bedroom into feminine chic. Make sure the bedding faces the glass windows for your outdoor view.

Small wardrobe can be placed in bedroom corner as the change of bedside table. Pink and white is the pallet for this chic bedroom. You wouldn’t think that attic space can be this comfortable, would you?

2. Master Bedroom in Narrow Space

Maybe it’s hard to imagine how master bedroom can fit in the narrow space. But after looking at this idea, you’ll see that narrow corner isn’t a problem at all. A queen sized bedding can fit with two small bedsides tables and still look amazing.

Cream and wooden colors are picked to give comfortable look. Just like other soft colors, these colors create coziness in the room. Simplicity is presented by rustic wooden headboard bringing nature color in.

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3. Affordable Elegance Master Bedroom

This master bedroom setting looks expensive. In fact, this is so affordable. Look at these cheap pillows and the usual mounted wood shelving. The side tables are also made from common woods. What makes this bedroom looks elegant? It’s the color choice.

Wood and purple seem the best color to represent luxury. Besides, the calming and comforting hues from these darker colors will deliver you to goodnight rest. No place for lighting? Don’t worry. The hanging sconces save more space.

4. Small Storage Bedding for Teens

Squeezing space without making it looks dull is the challenge in designing small bedroom for teens. Sure they have lots of things to save. Storage bed is the solution. Don’t waste the space under the bed and start to customize the bedding shape.

If you arrange the room by maximizing each part, you’ll have space for studying desk, too. Install mounted shelves for books. Keep the room looks clean by applying pastel color.

5. Small Apartment Bedroom

Small space isn’t obstacle for your bedroom to look stylish, even you just have lack of furniture. If all you have is just bedside table, don’t bother to buy more.

Just install wall shelving and you’ll do just fine. The good thing from less furniture is you don’t need to stuff more things in the bedroom. Choose white as the bedroom palette and you’ll have clean and comfy bedroom.

6. Boy Bedroom in Black and White

Black and white are the best contrast color describing the bold character of a room. This is suitable for boy bedroom. Put single sized bed and choose black and white bed sheets. For unique look, you can arrange the books vertically to replace the bedside.

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Boy won’t need bedside much we guess. Mounted studying desk and simple stool are stylish, too. This is a boy room, the simpler the design, the better it is.

7. Tiny Bedroom with Connecting Door

What’s better from a bedroom with balcony? Small bedroom can have access to the outdoor, too. Look at these connecting doors installed here.

Although less windows available, these glass doors keep the bedroom bright. White color dominates it for calming look with white wooden flooring.

8. Floral Wallpaper for Feminine Accent

Giving accent to small bedroom isn’t hard. For example, if you want the bedroom looks girly or feminine, you can put floral wallpaper in the same tone with the room palette.

Although it’s small, the bedroom is still so functional. A bedside table, a wardrobe, shelves, ottoman, even clothes hanger fit in here. Pink is powerful color to give girly look. So, use it for pop up color among the white background.

9. Single Bed with Recessed Wardrobe

Small bedroom can also have larger wardrobe. The trick is making it in recessed style. This design is popular for woman’s bedroom where they need larger closet.

White wardrobe is better for keeping the look clear. Bold red is great with floral patterned fabric for the duvet. With all white and flowery red, this bedroom is never outdated.

10. Farmhouse Attic Bedroom

Modern bedroom has amazing design if it’s influenced by traditional accent. This farmhouse bedroom is located at the attic but it looks so charming. Keeping the things simple gives alluring appearance here. Simple bedding with just white sheet is matched with rustic bench and simple desk.

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For the storage, horizontal shelving unit is installed in mounted style. Farmhouse style should be old fashioned, right?

11. Be Bold with Infinity Wallpaper

Be bold, be masculine. A man’s room in a bachelor pad should be inspired with this layout. White color is so soothing, but black gives excellent contrast.

Combined with strong modern furniture definition, the large wallpaper showing infinity view makes this room sophisticated.

12. Little Space with Eclectic Splendor

Having a bedroom in the corner of the house makes you have no choice but set it maximally. Employ your classic bedding for elegance look but remember to put acrylic side table in transparent look.

Eclectic style doesn’t need more room to set.

13. Shady Grey Bedroom

Gray shows true modern style. It’s used as the color accompanying white. Wood furniture adds modern elegance with grey.

Wooden flooring makes it shady but doesn’t reduce the stylish look. We’re sure that your night will be so calming with these colors.

14. Maximized Bedroom Space

How can you tell that a bedroom is effectively designed? Yes, by looking at the interior composition. It’s like this comforting master bedroom with vivid bold color.

Every side of the room is used by employing wardrobe and tables. The large closet still fit in the room.

15. Clear and Compact Bedroom

Keep the bedroom furniture as minimum as possible is the best idea to keep the room clear. For very narrow bedroom, get rid of all furniture and install mounted wardrobe instead.

Soft palettes are suggested with just a very little color pop up.