14 Small Bathroom Ideas with Sophisticated Layout

You should design your small bathing place less boring with these small bathroom ideas. The results will show how magnificent your small bathrooms can be.

Treating and decorating the bathrooms just as serious as the rest of the rooms are important. Besides bathroom is the place for you to refresh your body, it can also refresh your mind by the aesthetic look.

Experience the wonderful ways to decorate small bathroom in many styles with these ideas. You’ll know how creativities can boost more small room potentials.

Make your bathroom stylish and be sophisticated with these design references.

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1. Small Rustic Bathroom

Modern and rustic always make cozy and calming. This bathroom is inspired by nature color inserted into modern concept. Rustic wall is a beautiful surprise in the middle of white paint and clean look. You see this rustic texture is a great accent in contemporary interior. It’s seen that the rustic texture is carefully designed on the modern tile wall.

2. Compact Tiny Bathroom

Tiny bathroom sometimes looks full. But not anymore, apply this compact bathroom style. Sharp lines keep the room clear. Simple sink is greatly combined with pedestal wardrobe to store bathroom items. Glass wall should be employed as the shower room. See, this tiny space now looks simple and functional.

3. Lavish Grey Bathroom

Grey shows deep and elegance in this bathroom. Minimalist design that is supported by the open view to the outdoor makes it looks luxurious. Don’t forget to decorate it with greenery to keep the fresh. Make the decoration simple and the look clean.

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4. Corner Kid’s Bathroom

A little bit colorful and simple looks good for kid’s bathroom. The size isn’t too large but your kid still can freely move here. Small single sink is practical to be placed side by side with the bath tub. Soft colorful carpet, towels, and wallpapers create awesome and anti-dull appearance. Narrow bathroom is more practical with small furniture.

5. Luxurious Bathroom Theme

Can small bathroom be luxurious? Why not? Bringing the classic style through the drapery shower curtain gives glamorous look in the bathroom. Choose soft brown curtain for the tile wall and marble countertop for the sink. Modern small bathroom layout is the right platform for this traditional inspiration. It’s not true traditional, but at a glance you can enjoy the grandeur vibe.

6. Oriental Inspired Bathroom

Now, it’s the turn of the oriental style to inspire the bathroom. Small corner bathroom is the perfect place to install oriental sink design. Modern bathroom mirror is enough to hang above the oriental designed sink. Small tiles and marbles should be the materials to construct the bathroom wall. Light an aromatherapy candle and you’’ have spa-like bathroom.

7. Small Beach Themed Bathroom

For your oceanfront house, the bathroom should be in beach theme. Use this idea to create vintage look bathroom with beach inspiration. However, the compact style is designed based on modern concept. Apply simple decoration such as white porcelain ornaments. Blue and white are the attractive color for this theme. We can call it as the bathroom with eclectic style, too.

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8. Tropical retreat Bathroom

Welcome to tropical. The bathroom design is directly connected with the outdoor space. Of course it is so bright. White color makes the cleanliness creating contemporary splendor. Big green indoor plants are the symbol of the tropical impression here. The essence of clean appearance of the bathroom is how open it is.

9. Glamorous Red Bathroom

Minimalist style is the ultimate stylish interior nowadays. It’s because if you design it with the right strategy, you’ll end up with sophisticated masterpiece of today’s interior. Bold red color is the alternative to show modern luxury through this compact bathroom. Amazingly, the room is very functional with all bathroom furniture fit in here.

10. Clean Attic Bathroom

Having small living space requires you to employ every room, including the attic. Is it possible to build bathroom in the attic? For sure yes. Small scale bathroom furniture such as single standing sink and wooden side table in sleek look are perfect to fit. Let the sunshine comes in through the windows without shades.

11. Fully Equipped Attic Bathroom

How does it feel taking a bath right under the attic ceiling? It’s fantastic of course if you have this bathroom. Small attic bathroom isn’t always crowded. Shelving unit can be spread from one wall to another. It’s the most practical storage to keep towels and other bathing items. You still can place the painting on it. Now you’re convinced to use your attic for bathroom, aren’t you?

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12. Victorian Rustic Bathroom

Enjoying the relaxing of a spa can be done in your small bathroom. Choose cozy colors such as earthy color as the flooring. For the bath tub, sink, and toilet, pick the ultramodern styles with curvy shapes. Don’t add any vanity or shelving. Use recesses shelving for dressing purpose. Light aromatherapy candles in it. Spa retreat is ready.

14. Desert Colored Bathroom

Hunky Design for Small Bathroom Ideas with Bathtub also Shelve plus Cabinet


Talking about spa-like bathroom, you better check this design. The space is very small, but the layout is fantastic. Bringing pure desert color inspiration, you’ll enjoy your rejuvenating time in the bath tub. The wall is fully employed with shelves where the candles are lightened. Imagine you are bathing in cozy accompanied by dimmed candle light. You should feel your mind refreshed.