24 Easy Seashell Crafts Ideas!

Seashell crafts offer unique yet beautiful crafts to beautify your house. Without expensive budget, your house will looks glamorous and stunning.

Many people said that women should have great skill at house decorations. This could be true, because the house decorations could represent your great personality too. So, you have to pick carefully.

You could start by reading these complete lists of unique house decorations. Furthermore, the crafts made of shells which very easy to get.

Next time you go to the beach, you should collecting some tiny shells in many colors. After getting much shell collections, you should start the whole craft projects. Yes, you could do it just by yourself.

Here some references for you!

1. You will love to hang this beautiful shell crown at your front door.

2. This one will looks so adorable on your living room wall, so authentic.

3. The shell headbands could be nice hair accesories and fabulous wall decorations as well.

4. Center of dining table will looks more fantastic with this handmade shell candle holder.

5. Shell house decorations looks even better in pastel colors, very alluring and dainty.

6. Tie the shell string on a wood branch, the final result is amazing.

7. This DIY seashell wall art looks very astonishing and beautiful with white frame.

8. Cute school of fish made from shells and little crativity, so breathtaking and unique.

9. Who want beautiful and elegant nuance for dinner party? Grab this shell flower immediately!

10. Frame the happiest moments at life with this gorgeous shell frame, very magnificent.

11. Tiny shells will never look as good as this wonderful centerpiece, really great !

12. Plant pots will looks more admirable if you patch some tiny shells onto it!

13. With many colors and shapes, this art piece can be made just by yourself.

14. Surely, this pastel colored shell wrath will beautify any beautiful girls’ room.

15. Coral color scheme will be most stunning options for your house decorations.

16. The round mirror looks more stunning with shell frame in peach color tone.

shell frame in peach color tone


17. Do you fancy of cute koala? Grab this koala made of full tiny shell!

18. If you more prefer the funny elephant, this shell figure will satisfy you!

shell figure will satisfy you


19. These shell girl dolls really looks fascinating! Let them cheer up your living room!

20. Brighter doll figure to make your house seems more lively and beautiful.

21. Are you looking for unique yet elegant Christmas decoration? Grab these shell angels!

22. Mini shells will make really admirable pot holder, choose pastel brown color for good view.

23. Just with some creativity, the white shells will look as real as delicate flower.

24. Colorful shell bracelets you will love to have, or just display them at house!

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