27 Rock Garden Ideas with Clever Arrangements

If you want different view at your backyard garden, you can apply these rock garden ideas.

Perhaps you already quite familiar with rock garden arrangement, especially if you love to study about Zen. However, some mindblowing designs below will looks completely unique and charming!

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Clearly, you don’t have to be an expert on feng shui or Zen designs to be able to apply these rock backyard ideas.

Just with some easy step by step guidance, nice and breathtaking rock garden designs will be yours instantly!

Here some perfect models to help you decide:

1. Mini Stone Hill

Colorful mini stone hills at backyard, surely stunning and adorable

2. Garden Lamp

Stone garden lamp post can bring the light and peace at your backyard

3. Add Wood Beam

Combine the wood with another element, wood, is very clever and gorgeous idea

Gorgeous Rock Garden Arrangement


4. Green and stone

Green and stone, really most wonderful idea ever for your backyard garden

Worderful Rock Backyard Ideas


5. Green bushes

Perhaps more green bushes and less stone could result in something awesome too

6. Separate from Grass

The big stones could frame your small backyard garden path as well

small backyard garden


7. Small Flowers

More color could be added with purple, yellow, or white flowers. Grey stones also

Flowers Rock Backyard Ideas


8. Simple Flowers

Water and stones with colorful flowers at your backyard, very alluring and beautiful

9. Pond

Pond of stones, will add beautiful values at any house designs

10. Add Yellow Bamboo

Add more harmonious view at backyard with black stones and green grass

11. Path with Grass

Stones can help you to get neat and clear garden at your own backyard

Neat Clear Garden Backyard


12. Random

Just store the stones randomly at your backyard, and see what you get

13. Country-style garden

Usual stones will help you to achieve such beautiful country-styled garden

14. Natural ponds

Natural ponds can be gotten if you put right stones inside it

15. Stone fence

Special part of your backyard garden will be more special with stone fence

16. Gigantic stones

Gigantic stones will make your garden looks like Chinese botanical garden

Chinese Botanical Garden


17. White rocks

White rocks make your backyard garden get more minimalist and modern style

18. Oriental

Oriental backyard garden will be achieved easily with this beautiful red rocks

19. Red bricks

Add red bricks for the boundary and the red rocks seem more stunning

20. Japanese garden

Harmonious backyard garden with white rocks, inspired for Japanese garden

21. Sea Garden

Bring out the under sea garden with adorable rocks and proper vegetations!

22. DIY rock patio

Do you want unique and comfier patio furniture? Look at this DIY rocky furniture!

DIY rocky furniture


23. Rock Path

Elegant backyard garden will looks better with these rock path designs

24. Path & Wall Rock

The rocks could be patched into the wall as well, for breathtaking view

25. Brown soil and white rocks

Brown soil and white rocks, really mean for each other! Check it out!

26. Nice Landscape

Change your backyard garden style with this rock landscape ideas! Really worth to try

27. Stone Table

Best place for tea garden part ever! The stone table really alluring

Alluring Stone Table for Tea Garden


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