How to Apply Penny Backsplash Easily (+10 Pictures)

Do you plan to renew your kitchen? One of the ways to recommend is by renewing also the backsplash. We will guide you to get the way to install the penny backsplash in your house. Even the various materials are presented; we will lead you to choose the copper backsplash.

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When you want to install the copper backsplash, you can do it as installing the mosaic-tile backsplash. But there is a difference when the pennies will be not mounted on mosaic mounting sheet. So here are the steps to install your penny backsplash.

The items that you will need in installing this backsplash:

  • Tape measure
  • Pennies
  • Bucket
  • Tarnish remover
  • Colander
  • Clear mosaic mounting sheets
  • Scissors
  • Waterproof tile mastic
  • Notched trowel
  • Metal cutting snips
  • Waterproof tile grout
  • Rubber tile float
  • Damp sponge
  • Chamois cloth
  • Nontoxic grout sealant
  • Brush
  • Measuring the walls

Measuring the width and length will determine how many pennies that you will need to apply on the project. It will calculate the approximately pennies to complete your project. So, it will become good plan for your budget, too.

  • Place the pennies in the bucket of shine to brighten

Fill it with the tarnish remover and cover the pennies. You need to shake around them in order to distribute among pennies. Leave them long enough to delete its tarnish based on the manufacturer direction on remover.

  • Pour pennies to colander and then rinse with water
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If you don’t shine all pennies yet, you can rinse remaining pennies using water in colander; it will remove the debris or the dusts. Then, put all pennies to dry aside.

  • Preparing the clear mosaic-mounting sheets

This step allows you to prepare the clear mosaic mounting sheet. You should cut the sheets for 12 inches by 12 inches sheets.  It will make easy handling then.

  • Arranging the pennies

Now, you need to arrange the pennies based on sheet. It can be done by laying them simply out and create the design as you chosen. But, you can also arrange as what you like in a case with good application.

  • Applying the waterproof tiles mastic

After applying the pennies on mosaic, you need to prepare again the wall using waterproof tile mastic. You should remember that you must work in the small sections. There is no more than three inches by three inches, or you can also choose the mastic wall to dry first before getting end.

  • Applying the waterproof tile mastic pennies into the wall

Now, you need to press those penny mosaic sheets into tile mastic using the notched trowel. Place it to face you! The mastic here should be dry overnight ad you can remove it from the pennies surface after dried.

  • Pressing clear mosaic mounting sheets for subtract walls
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You can press all pennies into the place using clear side. Press it facing toward on you. You need to allow mastics to completely dry for some hours or even overnight. You can remove clear mosaic mounting sheets from pennies surfaces.

  • Filling in spaces

You can use the metal cutting snip when having the spaces that you actually need. Do it by cutting the half pennies for filling the gaps. Surely, leave it enough to dry before you get to the next step.

  • Mixing waterproof and applying the tile grout

After dried, you must mix waterproof tile grout. Use the rubber float and apply the layer of the grout in diagonal across these pennies applications. It is about 45 degree. You need then harden it when reaching about 30 minutes. You can use the damp sponge to make clean and wipe the excess grout. Of course, allow it again to dry completely.

  • Wiping pennies and excess grout

When the grout has been dried, you need to wipe down the pennies using the damp sponge once more. Use the cloth also to polish its pennies. After dried, you can apply non-toxic grout sealant. Now, you need to allow it drying.

Bonus, +10 Penny Backsplash Ideas to Apply

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Penny Subway Tile Backsplash

Photo credit: HGTV

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4. Copper Penny Tile

Metallic Penny Backsplash

Inspiration from

5. ‘Glazed Penny Round’ tiles

6. Dark Penny Tile

7. Tutorial (How To Install Penny Tile)

8. Silver Penny Tile

9. Another Copper Ceramic Tile

10. DIY Luxury Old Penny Backsplash

beautiful copper glow shiny backsplash

You could apply this DIY project in your man cave too. Or try funny doormats that we mentioned before.