Step by Step Wonderful DIY Painted Rocks

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Painted rocks can be one of incredible elements to add into a garden. Find the great steps to make wonderful painted rocks for the beautiful garden here.

Do you like stay in garden? The garden is a wonderful place to spend your free time. It will bring amazing garden that will make you fly. How can? Garden is usually beautiful with many kinds of flowers with nice arrangement. The natural garden is also pretty with other view, such as small pool, painted rocks, and some garden lamps.

What are the painted rocks? Have you ever heard about this kind of rocks? Actually, it is the way to make usual rocks become more attractive. It is very useful to beautify a garden and to rich painting media.

Nowadays, painting rocks becomes media of education for children. So, what will you need to make the painted rocks? Many things that you will need to make beautiful painted rocks. They are:

  • Rocks
  • Water
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush

Step 1: Choosing rocks that have suitable rock shape

In the first step, you have to choose kind of rocks with good shape. You can use river rocks or cement. It is based on your need and want.

Step 2: Washing the rocks

The rocks that you find are usually dirty. It will make the paint does not cling on the rocks perfectly. So, your painted rocks will be not perfect and the paint will be faded quickly. Therefore, you have to clean the rocks as clean as possible. Then, you have to dry up the rocks until completely dry. So, the rocks will be ready to be painted perfectly.

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Step 3: Deciding what you will paint on the rocks

Next step, you have to decide what you will paint on the rocks. You may need to look for inspirations about painted rocks. Actually, you can paint animals, flowers, houses, and many more. It is based on where you will place the painted rocks.

Step 4: Making pattern of the painting

After deciding design of the creative painted rocks, you can begin to make pattern on the rocks. You can use pencil to draw the pattern. The pattern is very useful to less error in painting process. So, the painting process will run well.

Step 5: Preparing some colors of paint

Actually, you may need some paint colors to make the painted rocks. Based on the design, you can decide what colors you need. So, you have to prepare them first. You should pour each of the in some different places. So, the each of color paint will not be mixed with the other colors.

Step 6: Starting painting

Now is real step of making painted rocks. Actually, the process will need carefulness, accuracy, and patience. It is because if you make little error, it will be big problem for you. You may have to restart your painting process from the first step. Besides, you also have to change the rocks. Why? It is very difficult to erase the paint from the rocks. You have to be careful in applying the paint. You should follow the pattern that you have made. So, your painted rocks will be perfect.

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Step 6: Drying the painted rocks up

The final step is drying the painted rocks up. It is important to dry the paint. So, it will not be broken if you touch it.

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