Apply Over the Toilet Storage to Maximize Your Bathroom Space

Over the toilet, storage can be a good choice to set and install in the bathroom. You can utilize it for saving the toiletries and displaying the accessories in your small bathroom.

Do you think that the over the toilet storage will be important in your bathroom? We suggest so. Not all people have enough space or large bathroom to set all furniture applications. One of them is the cabinet. However, cabinet is one of the essential furniture to set in the bathroom. Why?

You may need some spaces or storage to save the toiletries or towel. This is why, the presence of cabinets will be very important. If you don’t have enough space to install the base cabinet, you can think to install the cabinet over toilet.

How is it?

Tips for Perfect Cabinet over the Toilet as Storage

Here will be several pictures that show how the over the toilet storage cabinet will be one of the solutions to set in the small bathroom. If the furniture is proper with what you need, you can enhance it as additional decorations. Why? Some of the types or designs are unique and you can make it as additional bathroom decoration.

1. New Bathroom Cabinet over Toilet with Shelves and Savers Organizers

This is where you can apply the toilet under the charming white cabinet over it. Yeah, the cabinet is designed in very smart way by combining the shelves and small closets in one line. Check this.

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You can also search or add some indoor plants to add into the cabinet over your toilet to add the beauty inside.

2. Bathroom Shelves to Be the Simplest Storage over Toilet

There are several designs of the cabinets or storage set over your toilet. However, some people may love simplicity. Hence, you can set or prefer to use the wall shelves without any doors or covers to set. It will make the appearance so clear and open. Here, simple way will create something stylish.

3. Install Wall Wooden Cabinet to Apply Over the Toilet

Wooden wall cabinet can be a good choice to set over the toilet. Here, you will see how the composition of the wood with front door cabinet works. Yeah, even the cabinet is small, it can be hung on the wall upper the toilet. You can put any toiletries in this cabinet storage.

4. The cabinet over toilet can be a good place to save to Display the Toiletries and Accessories

You know, the bathroom is not different room. You will need something new and different to make it beautiful. This is why; you need some spaces to display the accessories or even toiletries. Why? You’re over the toilet storage ideas will be more interesting to see and enjoy.

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