22 Loft Bed with Desk That Perfectly Fits to Any Small Bedroom

Do you have small bedroom for your kids? You need something new to apply and smart storage ideas to utilize all space.

One that can be chosen as best idea is by applying the loft bed with desk.

The use of this kind of bed and desk will maximize your kid bedroom. In order to maximize your small bedroom, the loft bed with the desk underneath can shorten the space to spend for applying the bed and desk.

The application can enhance your appearance to feel so comfortable. And now, you will see how the design of the loft and desk bed.

So now, just look at some inspiring pictures that will give you smart ideas.

They are the design that will really work on your small kid bedroom. It will create very creative bedroom ideas for better appearance (example: round beds ideas).

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1. White & Pink

Your girl loves something chic? Find this white and pink loft bed with desk underneath below!

2. With Bookcase

Enhance your blue bedroom with white wooden loft bed and desk underneath here!

3. White & Turquoise

What about beautiful twin loft bed with desk? It is completed with chic decorations.

4. White & Red Chair

The space underneath loft bed can be best workspace for you. Find it right here!

5. Gray

You can create stylish kid room by applying this gray wooden loft bed and desk.

6. White & Peach

Choose if you have two girls in one room. Check bunk loft bed with desk.

7. Brown & Green

This loft-bunk-bed with the cool desk underneath really fits to any small bedroom.

8. Dark

Desk and storage with bookcase can be completely added into your loft bed underneath.

9. Sets with Cabinets

Do you need two beds in a small room with a desk? Choose this!

10. Storage Stair

This is best creative loft bed with underneath desk and stairs for storage decoration.

11. Roll Out & 3 Drawer

Maximize your kid room by setting loft bunkbed with rolling-out desk and bookcase.

12. Epoch Design

If you look simple Epoch twin loft bed design, you can build this bed with ladder.

13. Another Storage Stairs

You can use stairs on loft-bed as storage at once. Check it smartly.

14. Charleston Storage

If your kid loves bright bedroom, give red loft bed with white desk decoration.

15. With Library

Have you ever imagined decorating loft bed design with desk library underneath?

16. Metal Gray

Create simplicity with twin loft bed design with ladder and desk. All in stylish gray!

17. Sea Themed

Find this very practice loft bed with storage and desk underneath. It’s so awesome!

18. Full Dorm

This loft bed design with desk storage and ladder is good enough for dorm room.

19. Duroz

This iron loft bed can be chosen for your simple girl. Utilize the space underneath cleverly.

20. Another Doble Bed

Maximizing bedroom with bunk-loft-bed and desk including storage underneath is available.

bunk-loft-bed and desk including storage underneath


21. Vanity

Decorate loft bed with desk design creatively. Find it with beauty for your girl!

22. Again, White & Pink

You can create multifunction desk underneath loft bed with some drawers and storage.

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