20 Genius Kitchen Organization Hacks to Reduce Clutter

It’s time to say goodbye to messy kitchen because clever kitchen organization ideas have arrived.

Let’s hack your small kitchen with perfectly organized storage preventing the space looks crowded. As a result, you’ll be freer to cook and do food preparation in your minimalist kitchen.

No more complaints about how all your kitchen appliances and equipment will be kept.

He’ll be more ideas to store the things more effectively. No need to remodel the kitchen or purchase new cabinetry. All you need is just little effort and creativity (like this DIY Shoe Rack Ideas).

Let’s start to look!

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1. Tray for Easy to Spill Foods or Condiments

The problem with table or counter surface is the condiments or food that is easy to spill. It’s like tomato sauce, ketchup, salt, etc. Therefore, separate them from other food supply. The trays those are easy to clean be the solution where these foods should be placed.

2. Magazine Racks for Cans

Magazine racks can have double functions. Storing canned foods can be done in this rack. Put the rack vertically and mount it on the wall. Now your cans are more organized and your counters look neater.

3. Frequency Usage Based Arrangement

This is the useful tip you should use. Kitchen tools, dishes, or cooking equipment should be arranged by considering the usage frequency. The more frequent the usage; they should be placed in the more reachable place.

4. Separated Drawers for Eating Utensils

It’s a new ways of maximizing the drawer function. Even your spoons, forks, and knife can be placed here neatly. Just put dividers in the drawers. The eating utensils can be protected from dust and ready to use.

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5. Mounted Shelving for Dishes

Dishes can be difficult things to store since they are fragile. Not again now after you build mounted shelves that can save more space, too. Besides it is practical, your dishes are more reachable. Placing it above the kitchen sinks are more practical. When you are ready for dinner, they are ready to be taken.

6. Baskets on the Shelves

Not all shelving units are designed based on your storage needs. But don’t worry; you can customize them by yourself. Woven baskets offer easy and cheap ideas to separate the shelving for your personalized storage.

7. Food Categorization

If easy to recognize and easy to reach are the arrangement concept, you should make great categorization for every food. Divide dry food, vegetables, condiments, spices, etc. You’ll save more time while you do cooking and see your kitchen in more free-cluttered.

8. Drawers for Veggies

We know that not all vegetables can be stored in fridge. Some vegetables even shouldn’t be stored in dry places. Create your sustainable vegetables keeper by utilizing the drawers around the refrigerator shelving units. Now all food supplies are in one spot.

9. Kitchen Counter Storage

Double functions kitchen furniture is needed for small kitchen. Kitchen counter should have extra function as storage, too. Storage shouldn’t be hidden. Fancy doors can be installed to show the collection of your dishes.

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10. Employing Wall for Less Clutter

Stop placing papers, bills, to do list, or other stationery you need while working in kitchen. Move them on the kitchen wall by making smaller shelving and placing boards to note the to-do list. Now you will never have cluttered cabinets by papers and bills anymore.

11. Kitchen Corner Shelving

Using every inch of kitchen space is a must. Mounted shelving shouldn’t be always the large ones. Smaller shelving units can be built in the corner above the sinks to store drinking glasses or vases. It’s better than placing racks beside the sinks.

12. Cabinet Side Storage

No space wasted. That’s the motto to organize small kitchen. Make the cabinet side more functional by placing hanger for kitchen equipments. The larger the cabinet, the more hanger you can install. Make every edge counts!

13. Above Kitchen Island Storage

That’s another smart kitchen organizing tip. Set hanger line above the kitchen island to store more kitchen tools and cooking equipments. More pans and pots will be effectively stored with this idea. Ceiling is perfect storage, too.

14. Curtain Rods for Lids

Pans and pots lids are sometimes hard to place since they are large enough. Having almost the same shapes, these lids are better stored in reachable spots. How about installing curtain rods on the walls to place them? You’ll get those lids well-arranged.

15. Tiny Corner Kitchen

This is what called as brilliant organization. Never use small space as an excuse to have fantastic kitchen. Placing the stove and fridge side by side with mounted shelving are clever inspirations. You can see all you need here starting from pots until cook book.

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16. Multipurpose Kitchen Cart

What can you say about kitchen cart serving multiple purposes? Smart! It can be temporary bar, extra counter, and additional storage. You choose which one is needed most. It’s easy to move, portable, and sleek. What else do you ask for?

17. Rustic Hangers

Pallet gives rustic accent in country kitchen. It’s for small kitchen storage as tools hanger. It’s cheap and functional. You can put small lighting fixture on it. It looks stylish with this small lighting. Fashionable look shouldn’t be expensive.

18. Open Pantry Organization

Open plan can be applied in traditional kitchen, too. Use the open shelving as pantry to keep sugar, coffee, salt, etc. Without pantry door, it’s more open and let the brighter impression of the kitchen. Let the rustic color of old cabinets give accent.

19. Shelving inside Shelves

It’s called maximum utilization. When your shelving has to be modified so it can contain more, you need to place smaller shelving unit in the shelves. The purpose is to separate the shelving vertically. More plates, mugs, and napkins can be content here.

20. Behind the Cabinet Organization

What a surprise! Opening your cabinet door and finding chalkboard isn’t common. Somehow, this idea is a must for you who love baking since you can write down all measurements. Hang all the measurement cups with additional explanations to keep you are informed. Recipe and tools are united as one.