20 High Style Kitchen Island with Seating

Nowadays, you could combine your dining room with kitchen. Not only could saving more spaces, this could be greatest dining experience for your dinner party guests.

Where else they can have delicious dinner dishes served directly from kitchen? For you with small kitchen spaces, there is still possible way.

Having kitchen island can be such treasure for every house owner. Many after cooking activities can be done in there. You could install faucet and washing sink above its countertop as well.

And this time, you can see how amazing it can be if you use kitchen island for dinner table!

From modern to more traditional design, you could pick which one you love best. Some additional furniture can be needed to support these ideas.

Here you could get many guidances to make your dream kitchen island with seating comes true. Just choose style that suited with your kitchen design.

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1. Highlight your modern kitchen table with contemporary pendant lights, just as cute as this

2. Some recessed lights can be installed at the ceiling, for you who love simplicity

recessed lights kitchen islands with seating


3. Simple bar stools for most pleasant dinner experience you ever knew

4. Long elegant white kitchen island, because the more the merrier

5. Natural ambience can be generated with chic wooden kitchen island

6. More natural atmosphere, you must see this combination of wooden kitchen floors

7. Traditional wooden stools could complete your modern white kitchen island

traditional wooden stools kitchen island


8. When in doubt, choose grey color scheme to make your white scheme looks amazing

modern kitchen island grey color scheme


9. Black color really could define the real classy kitchen island with seating

black classy kitchen island with seating


10. Sweet vintage kitchen island looks more lovely with these antique chairs

11. Vintage white kitchen island with faux granite countertops can make really fancy dining table

vintage kitchen island faux granite countertops


12. Simple wooden kitchen island with two matching stools, all in vintage style

simple wooden kitchen island with stools


13. With real vintage style, this kitchen island could make your family dinner feels warmer

vintage kitchen island make feels warmer


14. Look how this old-styled chandelier bright up your vintage kitchen island countertop!

15. L-shaped kitchen island make perfect corner to spend dinner time together

16. Small country kitchen island style with vintage chairs, really lovely and charming

17. Your small family could gather at dinner time happily around this narrow kitchen island

18. Breathtaking vintage kitchen island with elegant faux marble countertop

19. Just install rightest vintage wallpaper, and your simple kitchen island will shine

simple kitchen island with vintage wallpaper


20. This time, the whole wooden theme makes simple kitchen island seems elegant

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