15 Kitchen Island Ideas from Classic to Contemporary

Lavish Kitchen island Ideas with Contemporary Cabinet also Table Bar plus Lush Stools

Coming up with fresh kitchen island ideas.

Today’s kitchen interior is getting more compact but still maintain its practicality. Although these kitchen islands are small but they are still effective for cooking and preparation.

Some kitchen islands are completed with storage.

Portable kitchen islands are now also designed in attractive styles. Various materials are available offering you different types of kitchen islands you want to employ in your kitchen.

Choose the right countertops you desire. The right kitchen islands even can be interior centerpiece, too.

Allow these images to inspire you to get one.

1. Simple Kitchen Island with Additional Wood Countertop

Larger board is needed if you want more space to prepare and cook your meals. White countertop with shiny stainless on the lower parts looks awesome as tiny kitchen furniture.

The kitchen island can have multifunctional kitchen element if you put some stools behind it. It’s also a good place to have breakfast. Wooden stools are beautiful for white theme with grey tile floor.

2. Tiny Portable Kitchen Island

A very small kitchen island is able to be multi-purpose furniture. This white portable kitchen island with portable feature suits with super minimalist kitchen space. See how it has storage on the lower part.

Your recipe books can be placed there. On the other side, there are drawers to keep your small kitchen utensils.

Awesome Furniture for Kitchen Island Ideas with Wooden Cabinet also Nice Backsplash Decor


You can make this as cart, too. Just in case you want to have barbecue party outside, you can easily bring this kitchen island there.

3. Kitchen Island and Bar as One

Small apartment needs this. Saving space is the most essential thing when choosing the furniture. This island which is also a bar is a must chosen kitchen furniture.

Amazing Kitchen Island Ideas for Small Apartment with Rustic Mounted bar Décor


Set rustic mounted bar that can also be the place to prepare your meals. You can chop and mix ingredients here. The god thing is you can enjoy your beverage when you are cooking. It is fun isn’t it?

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4. Small Granite Countertop as Classic Kitchen Island

Classic layout and stainless steel are beautiful combination, too. All kitchen wardrobes are in cherry wood but some kitchen elements are from stainless.

Kitchen appliances like fridge and stove are designed in shiny look.

Meanwhile, the contemporary stools behind the kitchen island are also made from stainless. What a wonderful combination. Together with kitchen island with granite countertop, the kitchen has sophisticated eclectic style.

5. Kitchen Island and Dining Table

Who said that eating diner cannot be done behind a kitchen island? Seeing this white kitchen island with dark wood chairs will make you think that a kitchen is a dining room, too.

Look at the practical layout.

The traditional style consists of heavy elements still look spacious with modern concept. With modern practical layout, the kitchen won’t look full with all this wooden furniture.

6. Eat in Kitchen Island Near the Window

The location that is close to the windows makes this kitchen bright. Simple kitchen island with light wood surface suits perfectly with futuristic stools behind it.

Elegant Cabinet also Simple Table plus Modern Stools as perfect Kitchen Island Ideas


Blending classic accent with futuristic is possible with the right furniture choices. You can balance the wood elements with sleek or bright materials for modern kitchen.

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7. Kitchen Island for Cooking

All we know so far is a kitchen island is only for preparing foods like chopping, slicing, or mixing. But in this chic futuristic kitchen, it has function as cooking board too where the stoves are placed.

It will not reduce the beauty that it should be placed in the kitchen center.

It still becomes the most outstanding kitchen elements besides glass cabinetry.

8. Country Kitchen Island with Polished Surface

Perfectly polished countertop is the surface of this kitchen island with pale green lower part. It’s so contrast when the dark wooden surface has rustic colored lower part.

This kitchen island can also have function as additional storage. This is so pretty with the other country style furniture such as iron racks.

9. Slim Traditional Kitchen Island

Who can deny the charm of traditional kitchen? Now see this classic Italian kitchen inspiration. A small kitchen doesn’t mean it can’t be designed as classical kitchen.

Beautiful Style of Traditional Kitchen Island Ideas with Wooden Table and Minimalist Cabinet


All the kitchen furniture and appliance should be along the kitchen wall. The slim kitchen island made from wood is in the middle of the kitchen with its rustic texture.

10. Galley Kitchen Island in Victorian Style

Victorian kitchen requires traditional kitchen island like this. Modern concept having Victorian style is beautifully blended through the bright color of the kitchen wall.

Brilliant Kitchen Island Ideas in Victorian Style with Rectangle Cabinet also Cool Stove


Among the white nuance, it’s seen that the pale rustic green is so outstanding. Adding the chic look, put pale or soft colored carpet on the kitchen floor.

11. From Dresser from Minimalist Kitchen Island

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Turning a dresser into kitchen island is lovely. This pink kitchen island is recycled furniture from traditional wardrobe.

Simple Kitchen Island Ideas with Cute Dresser also Chair plus Hanging Racks


Install wheels on the wardrobe feet and you have portable kitchen island that can be breakfast table with the breakfast lounge.

12. Kitchen Island with Hidden Table

Your space saving ideal is fully supported by this kitchen island with the board that is in slide out feature. White marble countertop makes this vivid green color cleaner.

Beauteous Inspiration of Kitchen Island Ideas with Hidden table again White Marble Countertop


Adding wheels is still the most effective way to keep it simpler so it’s moveable.

13. Metal Kitchen Island in Mobile Style

Removable kitchen island is still the favorite furniture for small space. This is not only sleek but it’s also provided by sufficient storage in form of racks to store more dishes.

Narrow Kitchen Island Ideas with Stainless Steel Cabinet also Rolling Table and Ceiling Lamps


The metal materials get this appliance into industrial style. You even can make this kitchen island as cart if you need.

14. Cottage Styled Kitchen Island

A small cottage needs this perfect sized kitchen island. Don’t let the country style employing lots of wood furniture gets the room too heavy.

Small Cottage with Wooden Cabinet and Table plus Chandelier as Best Kitchen Island Ideas


This small kitchen island made from wood is painted in white and completed with box storage under the surface. It isn’t removable but the small size makes it easy to move.

15. Slender Kitchen Island

It’s why classic style should be revived in contemporary style. All kitchen items are in traditional including the kitchen tile flooring.

Wonderful Design of Slender Kitchen Island Ideas with u-Shape Cabinet also Nice Table


A heavy wooden kitchen island in the middle of it looks fabulous with leather Victorian chair. Heavy is all right if it is well placed. So, nothing is too much here since the balance is great.