17 Alternative Headboard Ideas That Will Beautify Your Room

Enticing Fabric Headboard Ideas also Comfortable Bed plus Table Lamps for Master Bedroom

One thing describing your bedroom personality is the headboard ideas you choose. You may choose a very simple headboard but simplicity doesn’t always reflect boring bedroom.

It can be a definition of your creativity especially if you do it through DIY.

Just as what proverbs says sophisticated style comes from simplicity; you should be inspired to do these DIY headboard projects. Giving identity to your private room with your own hands can also show how homey your room is.

Let’s start crafting, or maybe just arranging.

1. Books Headboard for Readers

Displaying your books shouldn’t only be done by cabinets or shelving units. You can arrange them vertically and make them as headboard. Now your reading hobby is more facilitated. By having all books over your head, you can pick any books you want to read before going to sleep.

It is brilliant idea, isn’t it?

2. New Soul of Old Outdoor for Headboard

Don’t throw away the old door. If you want to develop rustic chic in your bedroom, use them as your headboard. No kidding. You’ll have complete chic with these doors displaying their rustic wood. A chic feminine bedroom can have luxurious touch and rusticity at the same time.

When the luxury is given by a crystal chandelier, the doors will give a little bit of rustic.

3. Frame Headboard for the Sweetest Dream

A girl’s bedroom should have unique headboard, too. They’ll show how beautiful creativity is to your daughter. Doing the headboard yourself by arranging vertical planks with frames hung on them is easy. Try this to please your little princess.

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You can choose what pictures to display and how many should be there.

4. Headboard Rug in Classic Accent

Classic is expensive and complicated. Well, it should be always like that. Believe that you can make classic touch on your bedroom with just an area rug. Choose the soft or bold pattern based on your preference and stretch the rug on your bedding wall.

Lightweight carpet makes more sense rather than the heavy ones. It’s because you’ll need easy type carpet to hang.

5. Room Divider for Headboard

Switching function can be seen here. A room divider can be excellent symmetrical headboard. For sure it looks so unique. You can modify some of them if you want. Showcase the divider ornament and let the best part of it being displayed.

Even traditional bedroom work well with this divider headboard.

6. Alluring headboard Fabric Velvet Mosaic

Grey velvet always uplifts the room with casual elegance. If your bedroom has neutral color background, you’ll need something to boost its elegant identity. Therefore, you should arrange these velvet mosaics as the headboard.

As decoration, they will show glamorous look without being too stand out.

7. Store Signs Headboard

A headboard can be created with various materials and items. The recycled items can be pretty headboard, too. Look at store signs that have already installed as masculine headboard. They prove that recycled objects can give historical decoration.

Besides, the unique signs and words are so eye-catching.

8. Natural Loft Headboard

Natural element in the middle of contemporary furniture is a treasure. The problem is sometimes how to match the natural color among modern color hues. Here’s the solution, install loft headboard in your modern bedroom.

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The bold wood color shows the organic features in the room.

9. Shutter Headboard with Rustic Texture

Another rustic texture is given by the unfinished shutters. They will beautify your country bedroom with their soft colors. However, if you want bolder colors, paint them in bright ones.

The other rustic elements such as basket used as bedside table makes the rusticity more alluring.

10. Pallets Headboard

Stylish headboard can be made with tight budget. This DIY headboard project will support your thrifty way. Use pallets as your modern bedding headboard. It’s suitable with light colored bedside tables from woods.

Paint the bedroom with vivid colors to strengthen the rustic texture of the pallets.

11. White Wood Fence Headboard

Bringing outdoor element is a trend in modern interior design. It’s including your bedroom with garden theme. White garden fence is pretty for your headboard, too. Employ brighter color such as light blue as the side colors. This fresh idea will boost the unique sense of the room.

The white traditional theme will drive you to goodnight sleep and fresh feeling when you wake up in the morning.

12. Wall Mural as Artistic Headboard

An artist will love this headboard style. Wall mural is an artistic headboard for softer bedroom look. A wall mural on fine canvas is the best headboard stretching from one side to another.

The effect is full or aesthetic for a bedroom.

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13. Classic Arched Headboard

Classy and rustic look are presented by this arched headboard. For you who have Tuscan inspired bedroom, should get this headboard. This recycled material is just a newborn bedroom element with rustic charm.

The bigger the headboard is better for this classic and chic bedroom theme.

14. Elegant Upholstered Headboard

Calling back the traditional or vintage feel doesn’t always bring back the complex Victorian element. You can just make upholstered headboard from simple wooden board and cover it with fabric with classic pattern.

Make it with the height reaches the bedroom ceiling. It’s like the true classy statement of your bedding.

15. Big Picture as Unique Headboard

This is the favorite ideas for most young people. They tend to have pictures of their idols, places they like, or objects representing their hobby. Therefore, your headboard can show off your favorite picture showing your identity. Behind the bed is the best spot to express what you like.

You see that what you love can become part of the room.

16. Vintage Mirrored Headboard

The bedroom is in vintage but the space is small. Mirror headboard can help to give spacious look in the bedroom. Whether it’s combined with rustic wooden bench or sleek white tables, the room looks larger with the large mirror as headboard

17. Canopy Curtain Headboard

Now get more colors for canopy headboard. It suits your classic master bedroom. Classic floral fabric and purple color gradations will live up your interior with its chic traditional accents.

Canopy and headboard are blended as one this time. Match the bedding skirts with the headboard colors.