24 Relaxing Hanging Bed Styles

Adding new furniture for gaining your relaxing space is a good recommendation for you who love spending your free time in a cozy situation.

Hanging bed can be a nice furniture choice for completing your furniture on your home. It’s a special bed design that swings you in a comfort. You can combine with loft beds or round beds design.

Picking hanging bed also needs a good consideration. You should get the proper bed style that match with your interior or exterior design and also fit your liking. Decide whether you want to put your hanging bed on your outdoor space or indoor room.

Well, let’s check out several inspiring hanging bed designs below. You will see that these bed choices can be a good furniture element that will make you enjoy on taking a nap. It brings an additional coziness on your room in different way. Are you curious?

1. Outdoor Day Hanging Bed

Enjoy the outdoor air by adding this hanging bed in tent style

2. Open View

If you prefer it inside your house, then this one can be a good alternative

3. Rustic

This one is interesting enough with its rustic style on master bedroom

rustic hanging bed design


4. Kids Friendly

If you are hipster, then this anti-mainstream hanging bed is perfect for you

5. Three Boys One Room

Keep it simple by using this contemporary classic hanging bed

6. Rounded

You can put the hanging bed on your rooftop for amazing cityscape view

7. Recycled Trampoline Hanging Bed

This one might makes you get some jaw-dropping effect from its sweet design

8. Wooden

The outdoor hanging bed, seriously, can be a good relaxing space

9. Daybeds Canopys

Here is another chained hanging bed in steampunk bedroom interior style

10. Sofa Bed

Need to double the chain? This chained hanging bunk bed is the good answer

11. Hanging Bed with Desk

You also can use the hanging bed on your kid’s room like this

12. The Shelter

Add it on your living room. It will become cozy lounge space

13. Twin Hanging Beds

This twin hanging bed is a good option for the twins

14. Large Window

Instead of using chain, the ropes can be a dramatic hanger for your bed

15.Twin Girls

This kid’s bedroom is excessively fun with its chained bed style

16. Classic style

Why you are not trying something new like this combination between modern and classic style?

17. Simple

Yes, just get this simple one if the previous design is too much complicated

18. Another Hanging Sofa Bed

This hanging bed with huge rope as its hanger can be a good inspiration

19. Antique

Now, you will aware that the ropes can be a good element on hanging bed

20. Big Ropes

Ultimate hanging bed in ropes hanger—it’s just amazing, isn’t it?

hanging bed ropes hanger


21. Dark

How about getting a thin chained hanging bed style for minimalist?

22. Upcycled

If you need DIY hanging bed, then this one can be a good guide

23. Fixed Hanging bed

Hanging bed is not always a swinger. Pick one of these fixed hanging beds

24. Artistic

Get this adorable interior space in such artistic hanging bed style

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