12 Floating Shelves That Really Cool For Your Home

Large Rustic Shelving in Dining Room

A must have storage at your home now come in a very stylish and unique shapes. Welcome these floating shelves as the space saving place for your book collection.

The interior appearance of your house will be more modern and complemented by awesome contemporary furniture.

It’s the excellent thing from contemporary interior arrangement strategy. The furniture can be functional and decorative at the same time. Defining the true concept of modern home, you should install one of these on your interior wall.

See how these shelves are space-friendly storage having sophisticated shape.

1. Soft Colored Shelving

Getting more colors in small living room is almost impossible. But you’ll know how mixed soft colors can live up the room appearance after seeing these mounted shelves. Yellow, orange, and green suit with neutral color used as the room background. We’ll absolutely sure that these colors are all right with small space.

2. Lower Rustic Shelving

As an art lover, you must want to display almost all your artistic paintings on the wall. However, don’t question where the shelving units will be installed since you can set the lower shelving units. With soft colored pallet, these shelves give accent as natural as possible. Your favorite dishes and candle holders can be arranged on these shelves.

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3. Large Rustic Shelving in Dining Room

Having a little bit rusticity among neutral colored modern room is always nice. Therefore, these rustic shelves make the dining room looks fancier. All white colors tend to make the room looks dull. These rustic shelves save the style from being bored. Besides the atmosphere becomes cozier, these shelves can keep all your dishes in reachable way.

4. Wire Floating Shelves

Mini home office needs these wire shelves. When a home office is located in a very small space, the shelving should be very simple yet practical. White wire shelving units seem the most suitable for modern corner home office. Without consuming lots of space, this shelving provides the best storage to keep all books and stationeries.

5. Country Style Wire Shelves

Wire shelving is always associated with modern furniture. However, traditional theme like country style interior can employ this shelving type, too. Look at this rustic wire that is created becomes chic shelving on the white wooden wall. Who can deny its romantic look?

6. Multifunctional Wired Shelving

The function of shelves is not only for storing things, but also displaying beautiful items, such as greenery, paintings, and ornaments. These shelves are installed on the stairs’ wall. With greenery on them, of course your interior will be fresher.

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7. Stainless Floating Shelves for Futuristic Kitchen

Stainless steel represents advanced contemporary design. Therefore, this futuristic kitchen uses stainless steel floating shelves. For sure they are easy to clean and provide sturdy storage for any types of kitchen tools. Installed above the other stainless kitchen appliances, they complete the true taste of ultramodern kitchen interior.

8. Industrial Shelving on White Tile Backsplash

Steel shelving installed on this backsplash gives tremendous industrial look. Masculine kitchen for bachelor pad should be like this. Carefully matched with monochromatic theme, these shelving made from steel are truly sophisticated and practical.

9. Rustic Shelves from A Piece of Tree Trunk

Nothing’s more unique for a Tuscan interior but these shelves created from a piece of tree trunk. For sure this one is so cool. You don’t even need to set another decoration if you have these natural and functional shelving units. These wood pieces will draw lots attention because of its uniqueness.

10. Tiny Shelves as Bedside Table

Adding rustic accent in a simple bedroom, this floating bedside table offers space saving design. They still have complete function as bedside table to put a vase and alarm clock. You can be thrifty with this budget saving idea.

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11. Kitchen Floating Shelves Providing Maximum Storage System

Stainless shelving is the most favorite item to furnish modern kitchen. As shown above, all shelving units are customized based on its storage function. Some are floated and some are supported by additional elements. However, they are still the sturdiest storage and never get old fashioned.

12. Feminine Shelving for Cozy Lounge

Fashionable style is the characteristic of a feminine interior. Floated shelves can also be very feminine. Look at these rustic shelving’s used for placing succulent plants, cursive letters and some classic ornaments. Try to install it above the sofa and you’ll get your living room instantly decorated.