25 Painless DIY Wall Art Ideas (with Tutorial & Pictures)

Do you need beautiful DIY wall art ideas? Then you came to the right post. We will provide some ideas including tree, line, large, colorful, bamboo, monogram, and another interesting wall art design.

To increase your interior appearance, then adding new wall art on your home will be good idea to try.

Decorating your wall can be a fun activity to do. It enhances room situation in such a beautiful appearance. You can make your own decoration on there.

By the way, we also posted an article about nursery wall art, please check it out.

Creating your own decoration theme will make personalized room theme. It also can be a unique room setting with enhanced theme.

To do so, you need to get new inspiration for this room enhancement. It’s about making special room with antique appearance.

Various wall art ideas are available for you to make it by yourself. Well, here are several inspiring wall art that you can easily follow as good concept on your home. You will get amazing room design in chic look.

Please consider adding this creative wall art for your white brick wall.

1. Easy & Inexpensive Wall Art

You can make this simple paper wall decoration in cheap budget (less than $6.00)

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2. Fabric Scraps

Transform your paper into a special frame decoration on your wall like this.

3. Vibrant DIY Button Tree Ideas

Paint your art in a frame and paper using your own creativity.

Creative Frame Paper Wall Art Decoration


4. DIY Faux Wrought

Instead of using paper, some iron can be a good element, too.

5. Baby Crib Springs

You also can combine between the iron materials with unique photos decoration.

6. Chic & Cheap DIY Wall Art Design

Get some glitters by using this special iron pieces for your wall.

7. Colorful Wall Art Ideas

If you prefer to get simple wall decoration theme, then just pick this colorful art.

8. Color & Pattern

The colorful art will add impressive room decoration setting on your home.

Colorful Art Room Decoration Ideas Before After


9. Polka Dot Wall Art Projects

Make it simple by using colorful polka dot theme for your workspace.

10. Line Wall Art Painting

If you prefer to get rectangular line instead of circle one, look at this frame!

11. Heart-Shaped Wall Art for Girls Room

How about this colorful heart-shaped glitter for your home decoration?

12. Another Heart-Shaped

You can even using these heart-shaped nail arrangements for your new décor.

13. Colorful Wooden Wall Art

Look at this colorful wooden art for your wall decor. It’s impressive, isn’t it?

14. Quilled Monogram Letter

Learn to create this unique monogram letter for stunning decoration theme.

15. Bamboo

Use the bamboo material for eye-catching wall art texture on your room.

16. Yarn Banner DIY

If the wooden-based decoration is too complicated, then pick the banner décor.

17. Dreamy Letter – Wall Art Quotes

You can create unique wall art by make a new abstract painting like this.

18. Abstract Wall Art

Look at this abstract wall decor art in such an inspiring texture.

19. Fly Away

This one can be a good abstract DIY wall art in contemporary touch.

20. Canvas Wall Art

You can use the canvas to create this simple wall art design.

21. 3D Balloon Plaque

Creating some 3D wall art design is also a good idea to try.

22. Wall Decals

Instead of making complicated wall art, you can use these cute and simple wall decals.

23. Another Creative Ideas

The creation is unlimited. You can continue exploring your wall art creativity.

Creative Wall Art Decorating Ideas


24. Mossy Wall Art

Pick this living wall-art design if you love nature interior theme.

Nature Wall Art Interior Green Theme


25. Flowers & Love

You also can get cheerful interior hint by using these paper-heart wall designs.

If you think the above projects is not creative enough, please feel free to read our ideas for making gorgeous accent walls. Hope you all will enjoy it!

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