15+ DIY Project Ideas for Decorating Teenage Girls Rooms

Teen Bedroom Ideas with Ping Pong Ball Pendant Light

Are you looking for creative DIY ideas for decorating teenage bedroom? There are hundreds of things that you can create to decorate your teen bedroom.

Ranging from making creative decoration from Mason jar to your very own washi tape wall decorations, all you can do on your own hands. Prepare yourself and be ready to get stunned with these inspiring ideas.

This is the right time to decorate your teenage bedroom with easy to follow DIY projects ideas.

Be Creative with DIY Mason Jar Project

This versatile item offers you incredibly stunning decoration for teenage bedroom. Aside from easy to make, this bedroom decoration will be very exclusive since you will not find the same at any stores.

1. DIY Shamrock Mason Jar

To make beautiful fairy light, you need to prepare a pack of glitter in any colors, glue and of course Mason jar. Put the glue by picking it up with pencil to create small spots on the inner Mason jar surface.

Do this until the glue spots cover entire inner jar surface. Spread your glitters and let them stick on the glue. Repeat spreading glitters for even result.

2. DIY Mason Jar Organizer

DIY Mason Jar Organizer Ideas

Detailed tutorial here

3. DIY Mason Jar Holiday Luminaria

DIY Mason Jar Holiday Luminaria

You can read the tutorial at www.thebudgetdecorator.com

More Colorful with DIY String Lights

Bedroom for teen requires creative touch as it is the essence of youth.

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4. DIY Patriotic String Lights

DIY Patriotic String Lights

How to Make Patriotic String Lights for the Fourth of July from eHow

Decorative strings and wires offer you the easiest DIY project to result amazingly wonderful bedroom decoration.

5. DIY Cupcake Flowers String Lights Project


Cupcake Flower Lights Project by ohhappyday.com

You are able to create your very own string lights to illuminate the bedroom. Combine the string with colorful LED lights to create festive feel.

6. Paper Box String Lights

DIY Paper Box String Lights Projects

DIY Paper Box String Lights Projects

Don’t Forget about Flowers, It’s so Girly

Most girls love flowers, whether it is the real or faux ones. This decorative item satisfies your need of creative and unlimited handcrafts to create teenage bedroom decoration.

7. Blooming Monogram DIY

Blooming Monogram DIY Letter L Flowers

Blooming Monogram DIY by Lulus

Let’s mention the faux flower monogram. You can make the monogram of your name with these faux flowers. This project is quite simple as you only need glue, faux flowers, and canvas.

8. Rustic Floral Monogram with Frame

If necessary, you can also frame it to create expensive touch.

9. Another DIY Blooming Monogram Project

DIY Blooming Monogram Project MOM Letter

More detail at parcelpost

Decor Your Wall with Washi Tape

We all know how versatile washi tape is. This simple stuff becomes one of must-have items in any house. Washi tape will do great to decorate teenage bedroom.

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This can be one of a kind bedroom wall decoration that you will not find in other places.

 10. Washi Tape Headboard

To create this wall décor, start by creating the pattern on the wall.

11. More DIY Washi Tape Headboard Ideas

Continue by choosing the washi tape in your desired color.

12. DIY Heart-Shaped Washi Tape Wall Art

When everything is ready, you can start executing the washi tape decoration. Stripes become the most common décor while you can also create dots with this.

13. Washi Tape Snapshot Frames Wall Art

Make beautiful frames in minutes by put washi tape borders on your photos or prints.

More Ideas

14. Glowing String Pendant Light

Glowing String Pendant Light

DIY Glowing String Pendant Light

Photo courtesy of Made By Girl

15. Ping Pong Ball Pendant Light

16. Easy Pendant Light

Easy DIY Pendant Light How-To

Easy DIY Pendant Light How-To by Home Depot