19 DIY Shoe Rack Ideas for Better Storage Solutions

Woman can never have too many shoes! And having an adorable shoe organizer is a must.

If you are a woman, you must be agree with that statement. When having new dress with new color, surely woman needs new pair of shoes as well. Or maybe there are seasonal sales at department stores for shoes?

Absolutely, there are many opportunities to purchase new pair of shoes. No wonder if you end up with too many shoes!

Of course all of your shoes should be stored safely and securely. With proper shoe storage rack, your shoes will be as good as new.

Nowadays, spaces are one of most common problem faced by modern people. Exactly, your shoe storage rack should not only gorgeous but also smart for space saving.

Some shoe storage below will help you decide which the most suitable one for your house condition.

Absolutely, you can get highly organized home with this clever storage ideas.

1. Victoria Beige Linen Shoe Ottoman

Want to store your shoes at living room? Look at this stunning white ottoman!

2. Room Divider

Not only inside the ottoman, hide your shoes at the room divider as well!

3. Rattan Basket

Look down and store your shoes properly at this rattan basket, so country style

4. Painted Bucket

Have no rattan basket for your shoes? Grab your large bucket!

5. Stairs

But sometimes the best shoe storage already available in front of your eyes

6. Corder Wooden Rack

Perhaps you just need to find secret corner at your garage

7. Storage Bench

Bench with secret spaces to “hide” your valuable shoe collections?

8. Vertical Storage

When you have limited garage spaces, you could use the vertical spaces

9. Curtain Rod

More tips to be domestic goddess, use salvaged curtain rod

hanging shoe rack


10. Coat Closet

Real domestic goddess should know about this can ideas for shoe rack

11. Floating Storage

Even large wooden picture frame could participate as well

12. Another Floating Ideas

Floating shoe storage really a great space saving ideas for small house

13. Cover It

Cover your old wooden bench, and you will get fantastic shoe storage

14. Vintage Ladder

White old ladder could magically transform into vintage shoe storage

15. Under Bed

Store your precious collections under your own bed, check this out

16. PVC Pipes

Even you could steal your hubby’s PVC pipes for shoe storage!

17. Another Under Bed

Or your mother’s old tea trays, simple ways to make this one

18. Antique cupboard

Antique cupboard with double glass doors, perfect display for shoes

19. ShoeTrap

Keep your shoes close and neat with this amazing idea

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