22 DIY Pipe Desk Ideas for an Attractive and Modern Decoration

In this modern era, your house can determine people’s opinion about you, so does your furniture and decoration.

Whenever you want to choose a furniture or decoration, it will be perfect if you can find a unique one. In case, you have more creativity, you can make it by yourself. Like this smart storage ideas.

So, what kind of do-it-yourself pipe desk which will look perfect with your house? There are so many pipe desk design and ideas which you can use as an inspiration.

When you have a good inspiration and reference, it will be easier to make your own DIY pipe desk. If you search for a creative and unique DIY desk, all of pipe desk in this list are creative and unique.

But, every one of it has different characteristic and functionality. Someone prefer using DIY pallet desk. Hence, the best pipe desk for you is depending on your own personal traits and tastes.

Here we go!

1. You need to check this out, simple plumbing pipe desk which is gorgeous

2. If it is about being gorgeous and durable, this iron pipe desk is the champion

3. Another black iron pipe desk which you will love because of its simplicity

4. Even if you are an amateur, you still can make this chic pipe

5. Need some advance ideas? Here a standing desk and long pipe desk

6. Pipe desk for computer desk, why not? Replace your conventional table with this

7. Need other idea for your kids gaming desk? This pipe desk is perfect for you

8. Back to standing desk, a galvanized pipe desk will give you a durable desk

9. But, if a computer desk is better for you, this is your dream pipe desks

10. A common table for your house, please? Check out this beautiful pipe desk idea

11. How about a different table like this one: a unique table on a table

12. If you want a classic desk as well, try this rustic industrial standing pipe desk

13. Time to combine pipe desk and shelf to save more space in your house

14. “A pipe desk and shelf is hard to make? Just make an adjustable one”

15.”Or a simple galvanized desk with salvaged door for a work desk”

simple DIY galvanized pipe desk with salvaged door


16. Perfect, wood and pipe desk is a great combination which you can try

17. It will be more perfect if you combine a pipe desk with oak wood

18. Or this copper pipe desk idea which deserved for your attention and creativity

19. Creativity? Want to try this metal conduit pipe desk with glass top as yourdecoration?

20. Glass? How about wooden table top and black pipe like this one? Perfect, isn’t it?

wooden table top and black pipe


21. This wooden table top and black pipe also perfect for a modern standing desk

22. For work? You need this plumbing pipe table and plywood top for perfect workspace

For perfect combination, don’t forget to try DIY wall art ideas.

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