Even Adults Will Love These 24 DIY Loft Bed Ideas for Kids!

Your family will love this DIY loft bed designs! When hear about loft thing, people could associate it with gloomy and dark place. However, there are some secret ways to create wonderful and pleasant loft bedroom, especially for children.

It will worth to know those secrets on daily life.

In this modern life, house spaces could be one of your major problems. More kids, more rooms for their bedroom. Of course you must be a fair parent and give same facility for each child. Here you will get tips and tricks to make convenient DIY loft bed for children.

The loft bed can be built in any empty vertical spaces at your house: from above living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, and many more. Shorter loft bed comes in many cute models and designs.

You may see some inspirational loft bed ideas below and get inspired.

1. Your children may have their own personal living room under the loft bed

children living room under loft bed


2. Floating loft bed ideas, the real space saver. More spaces for your adorable children

3. Playing hide and seek seems more fun with this smart children loft bed ideas

4. My siblings are my best roommate! Make your children feels totally happy with this!

5. Cheery colorful nuance really boost up your children mood, check this one quickly!

children loft bed design


6. Do you want to invite your children for a bedroom camping? Really great idea

children loft bed camp design


7. Gorgeous wooden castle for everyday adventure, your cute children will love this loft bed

8. For beautiful little princess, this stunning white loft bed castle will be suitable

9. Cute little princess may have their own secret storage for dollhouse or tiara!

10. Do your little ones have obsession to train? This could be suitable for them

11. If your children love to slide, this slide loft bed idea will make happy!

12. This secret loft bed inspired by your children favourite’s Narnia book, really imaginative

13. Sleep in carriage will be one of most memorable childhood memory for any children

14. Perhaps sleeping in ship deck could give your children sweetest dream ever!

15. With more deck loft bed, you could invite everybody to join family sleepover party

children deck loft bed


16. Surely, your kids will love studying if you reward them with this one

children wooden loft bed


17. Playing house with schoolmate could be so much fun with this loft bed

fun children loft bed


18. Small bedroom does not prevent your children to have fun!

playhouse children loft bed


19. Mother’s handmade curtain can make simple loft bed seems more fascinating

children simple loft bed


20. Brown loft bed with pink curtain, your daughter will adore it so much

21. Floral handmade curtain for the most special mommy’s little girl, feels like princess

loft bed with floral curtain


22. Not only children, grown-up will adore this gorgeous wooden loft bed too

23. Now, breakfast nook could hide under your own loft bed too!

24. Pastel blue and yellow color really blends perfectly on this one

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