23 DIY Floating Desk Ideas that Will Make your Room Beautiful

Every time you circumspect your house, you must have been imagining about a unique and beautiful furniture.

If that is the case, why don’t you try a floating desk design to make your room look modern? Or read our roundup about DIY Pallet Desk & DIY Pipe Desk. You can combine it with any of house decoration or make it with your ideas.

If you want to make a floating desk, the most important thing is to make your wall as its base. And use this 60 clever storage ideas to organize your stuff.

So, it will look like it is in the air which is very cool and modern for your house decoration. Of course, you can make this one by yourself with some creativity.

Before you make your own floating table or desk, you can see some example to help you determine what kind of table which suitable for you. There are a lot of desk ideas and design which depend on your own taste.

More ideas:

Now, check this out:

1. You can start from this simple and rustic floating desk for a beautiful house

2. If you don’t like a rustic one, try this modern black wooden floating desk

3. Or a wall mounted shop desk design for a more contemporary appearance

4. But, this white and elegant one will be more suitable for your iMac computer

5. In other side, you can also make a floating white desk with storage

6. How about this white studio floating desk with hutch as your extra storage space?

7. Want a simple one? Try a minimalist wooden large floating desk for your decoration

8. If you need more storage, try this simple small wooden floating desk with shelves

9. How about your computer desk? You can make a floating desk using countertops

10. Even you can put a floating desk and shelves in bedroom as make-up desk

11. For other function, a pretty minimalist oak desk can be a perfect solution

12. Want to study? This small floating student desk is great and effective for studying

13. If you need a bigger desk to study, try this easy floating desk design

14. Oops, you are not a student? Use this elegant floating desk for your apartment

15. More for apartment desk, this is a contemporary floating desk for dormitory andapartment

16. Well, what can defeat a grand condo contemporary floating desk in black and white

17. Or an exquisite wooden floating desk for homework space makeover that is moremodest

18. Besides these two, you can pick a modern white floating desk or dressing table

19. And there are more useful DIY wall mounted desks for home and office

20. But, a floating desk with secret storage will be more interesting than the usual

21. Even for children, a floating desk with storage will be perfect for children’s desk

22. Or this prepac espresso floating desk with storage can be perfect for work desk

23. Last, here is a cute floating desk for small space which is not redundant

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