25 Lovely DIY Desk Decor Ideas to Boost Up Your Productivity

Aspiring women need many things to reach their goals, and nice desk decoration is one of them.

A real woman’s office desk should not only neat, but sophisticated as well. From there, people will see your adorable personality and taste. So, may good opportunities will come to you immediately!

Now, it is time to make your office desk seems more personal and highly organized with clever storage ideas.

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Give some signature touches into it, and you will work more happily. Furthermore, being different could give you a better career as well. Besides, having fabulous and neat desk at office is easier than it seems.

You don’t have to get confused to make the whole desk decoration plans. Just see some useful references below and you will get most amazing ideas for desk decorating.

These ideas also perfect for your loft bed with desk.

So, have some fun to redecorate your, or your mates’ office desks. Remember to keep yours simple and fabulous!

1. This pastel pink box really should have special place at your office desk!

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2. Small pink tray looks different with polka dot details, to keep double-tape and cell phone.

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3. For more natural ambiance at your home office, choose this green paper tray!

4. But it is okay if you still insist on same box with pink color.

5. Cheer up your mood with this sunny yellow colored box!

6. If you want to keep different things in one, set this boxes at desk.

7. Small cute storage box looks even cuter on pink color scheme!

8. Blue wooden storage box with vintage style? Makes your desk seems more alluring.

9. Some motivational or motto cards can make your office desk seems more charming.

10. You may hang this unique organizer above your office desk! Easy to made.

11. Natural color really can change your office desk into something more elegant.

12. Look at the breathtaking desk lamp, you will fall in love with it instantly!

13. Do you have unused glass jar? Do the magic and get beautiful pencil holder!

diy beautiful pencil holder desk decor


14. Floral vintage gift wrapper could wrap up your glass jar too!

diy floral vintage pen pot desk decor


15. An alternative way, you can use salvaged metal can as well for same purpose.

16. Or you may use your empty Chanel perfume bottle to beautify your desk.

diy perfume bottle desk decor


17. Combine your pencils together to get this unique desk decoration! Plus fun making process.

18. Have some colorful rulers? Then you can make this amazing stationery!

19. Little cross stitch can make plain pencil holder looks more beautiful.

20. When there is no spaces left at desk, hang this paper can for stuffs.

hanged pencil can desk decor


21. Bend your old book’s pages for more stunning pencil holder at desk.

22. Even empty orange juice box can turn into something more useful for work!

23. Tired of too many shoebox? Change it into this wonderful stationery holder!

diy shoebox stationery holder desk decor


24. Dog lovers will love to decorate their office desk with this doggy organizer.

25. This gorgeous wire desk organizer really could simply decorate your desk!

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