17 Easy, Beautiful, & Fun DIY Christmas Decorating

Instead of buying expensive Christmas decor set, it’s better for you to build your own decorating elements such as lighting or Christmas tree.

It helps to save your budget, while you can still celebrating Christmas in such a fun way.

The most important thing about Christmas is its celebration. You should keep in mind that the price of decoration set might not that really important.

That’s why on this post we will show you unique DIY Christmas decoration for completing your awesome celebration.

The Do-It-Yourself things will enhance your creativity, too.

You can explore your creativity on creating something useful as the new decoration set. It brings personalized room theme with catchy appearance on your home. Moreover, the exclusive impression can be set on your home decor.

Well, let’s continue scrolling down to start exploring these amazing ideas. You can grab some notes to get unique inspiration from these ideas. Happy exploring!

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1. This bottle joy decor is a good starter

All you need to do is collecting your unused bottle. Put the grass and chic ornaments inside the bottle. The last step is sticking the JOY words on its surface. It’s just simple, right?

2. Or this beautiful candles for more calm feel

This decoration has unique and impressive appearance. You will get beautiful lights in a candle. Of course, it gains warm feel in such an interesting appearance like this. You should try to create this simple ornament, too.

3. For more practical Christmas ornament creation, try to use some papers

You just need to bend the papers. Make a flower shape using your imagination. It brings unique design with special accent on there. Of course, it’s cheap and affordable enough to get.

4. Zero Christmas tree is not a problem. Just stick your branches tree on your wall

This idea is also attractive enough. If you can’t get your Christmas tree, then you just need to get the branches. Put it on your wall and arrange it in Christmas tree design. Enhance by using simple lighting design just like this example.

5. White and Gold always nice too

Elegant ornaments in DIY Christmas decorations with white tree

6. Play with paper, make some colorful ornament

All hail to colorful paper inventor.

7. More paper please! This just make me addicted!

Shaping the paper into such a cute ornament must be fun activity. You can use your imagination and pour it with your creativity. The result is just awesome. It depends on your creation.

8. Instead of using paper, some wire and LED can be more classy

Look at how impressive this wreath design. It has modern appearance with chic look. The light emitted from the LED can be a good additional setting for enhancing its appearance. It must be awesome Christmas decoration for special ornament design.

9. Or this pinballs wreath is also attractive with its shiny surface

Wreath cannot be separated from Christmas decoration. This one has its impressive look in amazing impression. Arrange the pinballs using this theme set. It creates colorful accent in such an inspiring design.

10. Collect your unused goodies, even this pinecone can be transformed to rustic Christmas decor

It looks beautiful with rustic appearance. This decoration is a good theme for they who adore traditional look. You just need to grab some pinecones and arrange it with your own creativity. The result is just awesome.

11. Or this cardboard stuff can be transformed in unique shapes too

Unique shapes of red DIY Christmas decorations on white door


By using the old stuff on your home, it saves your budget effectively. Moreover, you can use your old stuff into dramatic decoration set like this. Just cut your cardboards and enhance it into beautiful Christmas shape like this.

12. Learn on how to decorate your dining table

Traditional DIY Christmas decorations for dining table with glass jars


Your dining table should have the consistent theme with your room decor. That’s why adding little ornament like this unique thing can be a good idea to apply. It brings beautiful interior design with mesmerizing situation.

13. Don’t forget the snowman

Tiny snowman as DIY Christmas decorations from unused fur balls


You can use some unused balls and start decorating it using this concept. It can be transformed into cute snowman ornament. Put on your room and now you will get catchy interior themes with special Christmas decoration.

14. Complete it by creating cute reindeer Christmas card like this one

The Christmas card can be a good decorating element, too. Moreover, you can easily put these cards for your guests. It will be a special decoration with stunning message inside there. Learn on how to create this simple DIY Christmas card and good luck.

15. The other ornaments like this cute flannel Christmas decoration is a good option, too

It visualizes interesting ornament with soft texture on its appearance. The flannel material is easy to be designed in such an interesting shape. You can use your creativity for making this special design. It must be adorable Christmas decoration set, right?

16. Again, don’t forget about the decorative text as stunning ornaments for Christmas celebration

The decorative text can be made from papers. You can create your own words to speak your wish. It must be interesting and creative thing to do. Just try it!

17. Finally, finish it by decorating your wall using this tricky DIY Christmas decor

Up cycling your unused goodies into stunning DIY Christmas decor like this is an interesting thing to do. It saves your budget, while you will get unique decor stuffs.

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