15 Cool DIY Bookshelves

DIY bookshelf is one of many awesome design of bookshelves in this beautiful world. This kind of design will make your room looks cooler than before. Some books which is sitting there look more interesting than in the other place. It will make your mood of reading increase significantly. I think, an idea to make this cool bookshelf exist at your home is really wonderful choice. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make it.

DIY Mandala bookshelf

DIY Mandala bookshelf via apartment teraphy

In addition, if you are one of people who love collecting many kinds of book, I suggest you to buy this thing. This kind of bookshelf will maximize your room and make your wall look very cool. Besides, this awesome furniture also make a comfortable atmosphere in your room. You will enjoy spending time here. Yeah, enjoying a rest or reading books.

Branch bookshelf design

Branch bookshelf design via homedsgn 

DIY Floating Bracket Bookshelves

DIY Floating Bracket Bookshelves via buzzfeed

With this kind of bookshelf, I am sure that you will never think to destroy your books which have set orderly. It seems really cool, and you will be very careful when you want to take a book from this place.

DIY Wall Bookmark Shelf

DIY Wall Bookmark Shelf via sleekidentity.com 

DIY Ladder Bookshelves

DIY Ladder Bookshelves via casa haus 

DIY Wooden Pallet Bookshelves

DIY Wooden Pallet Bookshelves via kmackay.tumblr.com 

Industrial Pipe Shelving

Industrial Pipe Shelving via etsy.com 

Pipe and Wood Bookshelves

Pipe and Wood Bookshelves via the brick house 

Pegboard Bookshelves

Pegboard Bookshelves via karapaslaydesigns.blogspot.com 

Stacked Antique Benches

Stacked Antique Benches via bhg 

Invisible Book Shelf

Invisible Book Shelf via bored panda 

Read-unread bookshelf

Read-unread bookshelf via behance 

Four degrees bookshelf

Four degrees bookshelf via behance 

Rope bridge shelf

Rope bridge shelf via behance 

Skateboard bookshelf

Skateboard bookshelf via Pinterest

Anyway, I don’t know exactly why a cool bookshelf can naturally stimulate everyone to love reading. But I think it is really good idea to make this DIY bookshelf exist at your own home. It is awesome, isn’t it?

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