30 Creative Terrarium Ideas That Create Freshness

Nowadays, having a house featured with at least a small spaced garden is quite important.

Since every homeowner generally needs some open space for refreshing. Especially in their residence area. This open space outside of the house is also beneficial to bring healthier air circulation into the house interior.

We should place some greenery in the house to purify the whole interior space.

Unfortunately, every house has different condition regarding to space dimension. Limited size of space brings some problems instead of problem-solving. Bringing in few pots of greenery becomes harder when we only have narrowed space for them.

It is a kind of creative planting method which can be applied in any interior condition.

It is ordinary with glass container, unique planting media, and succulents. Ideally, it doesn’t need much water to grow.

Here are some creative terrarium ideas you may have at home to improve its appearance.

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1. Affordable terrarium ideas using old tea cups and mason jars

2. Super easy terrarium ideas for shocking table centerpiece created just in minutes

3. Creative terrarium ideas collection integrating recycled jugs and cool bottles

Recycled Jug Terrarium


4. Mini terrarium ideas in do it yourself version with exotic air plants

5. Unique terrarium ideas with fruits and veggie shaped glass containers

6. Sea themed terrarium ideas with cool glass container and starfishes decoration

7. Cute terrarium ideas inspired by old fashioned green house with easy-to-open roof

Cute Green House Terrarium


8. Fresh kitchen herb terrarium style involving mini clay pot and old jar

9. Exotic pink and purple terrarium consisting of air plants collection

10. Giant superman terrarium ideas hung for cool hanging decorations on the wall

11. Inspiring votive glass terrarium style with bright flowers growing inside

12. Adorable fish bowl terrarium ideas double as wedding favour and table decoration

13. Impressive recycled plastic bottle terrarium plans combined with clay pots

14. Dramatic purple air plants terrarium for outdoor wedding decoration concept

Purple Air Plants Terrarium Wedding Centerpieces


15. Simple bell jars inspired terrarium for beautifying classic home interior

16. Playful jam jar terrarium ideas in huge or mini versions to pick

Mini Jam Jar Terrarium


17. Homemade terrarium collections with glass tanks and fabulous succulent variations

18. Old fashioned diy terrarium ideas created with secondhand picture frame

19. Vintage terrarium concept involving huge glass jar and colorful air plants

20. Trendy terrarium lamp stand ideas with white sand and shell for content

21. Pretty tiny terrarium collection decorated with fresh fairy garden plan

22. Favorite terrarium garden ideas integrating various air plants that ready to select

23. Incredibly little terrarium in various shapes to improve your home interior with tiny living world

24. Wonderful moss terrarium inspiration designed for all women in the world

25. Eye catching sand art terrarium decorated with cute figure and succulents

26. Memorable terrarium concept displaying colorful air plants in clear round glass tank

27. Tropical styled terrarium collection to make home interior totally breezy

28. Fairytale garden terrarium ideas with super small decorative items and plants

29. Clear glass container with beautiful flowers and tiny grass as ornaments

30. Artistic head shaped glass container for extraordinary terrarium idea inside living room

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