20 Cute Closet Shelving Ideas (with Organizing Tips)

These should be put on the top organizing solution for the most effective closet shelving ideas. You’ll see how small space in your closet will be well arranged into spots that can keep almost everything you have.

Whether your closet is walk-in closet or just simple bedroom closet with curtain as the cover, you won’t be disappointed after applying these ideas.

All your accessories, clothes, shoes, even jewelries are going to be perfectly stored. How should we keep them?

Here we go.

1. Home for Everything Closet Shelving

Let’s name it in that way. You’ll know why after seeing how meticulous the shelving organization is. A small walk in closet can become the smartest space saving organizer. Your time will be saved more in reaching your things after all are stored in these shelving.

2. Little Girl Closet Shelving

It’s sure that your baby girl can have cute closet, too. The shelving is simpler since the item she has is not too much yet. Create simple shelving by placing the boxes as storage. Soft colors like pink makes the closet looks more attractive.

3. Corner Shelving in Man’s Closet

Look how the closet corner is maximally utilized. All the shelving units are modernly made. Now you can keep all men’s items here, starting from clothes until shoes. Additional storage is in form of woven baskets placed on the top of the closet. This floor to ceiling shelving is very effective.

4. Shared Closet with Baby Girl

It’s quite possible to share your closet with your little one. The shelving should be designed for all storage purpose. Use boxes to store small items. Clothes hanger should be installed under the shelving. It works well because the clothes are still the small ones.

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5. Chic Feminine Shelving

Just by looking at the color, you’ll see how chic it is. The shelving units are in the mounted style and additional wall pouches make the space are fully utilized. These smart shelving are in varied forms. Some are open and some are with doors.

6. Boyish Closet Shelving

Easy and practical closet suits for boy. To differentiate with girly look, you can close blue color for the storage. This shelving is practical since it is between the clothes hanger and additional boxes are there to keep it clean.

7. Open Closet Shelving in Girl Bedroom

Delightful Open Closet Shelving Ideas with Wardrobe also Hanger with Curtain


Provide your girl bedroom with beautifully organized closet with open shelving. The shelving concept is accessible with curtain to hide the items. Wardrobe, shelving, and hanger are organized in one simple modern closet style. You can modify the shelving and combine from various materials to squeeze the inner closet more.

8. Luxurious Walk Closet in Shelving

Attractive Style of Glass Closet Shelving Ideas with Bright Lighting


Designing closet shelving with more sophisticated style is excellent for fashion lover. Let your clothes and shoes glow with bright closet lighting behind sleek shelving made from glass or wire. The upper part of the closet is the right place for your bags collection.

9. Wall Closet Shelving

Do you know how industrial look can be very feminine? Look this purple wall shelving style. We can say that it’s not really a closet but the shelving represents perfect fashion organization. It’s the new invention where the creativity can make the storage has decorative function.

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10. Industrial Man Closet Shelving

This closet is bright and brave. If there’s special room at your house, you can design specially customized closet like this. Orange color brightens the closet especially with the steel shelving like this. It can be turned as the feminine closet by choosing chic color for it wall.

11. Grandeur Shoes Shelving

Dazzling Entire Wall Closet Shelving Ideas for Shoes from Floor up to Ceiling


Your shoe collection should be displayed in this way. The grandeur look is the ultimate style for luxurious and spacious closet room. Use the entire wall side for shoes shelving up to ceiling. Add great lighting fixture radiating these shelving.

12. Basket Shelving for All Items

Crafty lover must love these woven baskets shelving. Placing craft items must be careful since most of them consist of very small items. Therefore, these woven baskets are the solution.

13. Sleek Wire Racks

Sleek Wire Closet Shelving Ideas with Hanger also Shoes Rack Décor


Wire shelving isn’t always industrial. Feminine look is the appearance given b these wire shelving units, too. Choose white wire for giving clean and chic closet interior style.

14. Chic Industrial Shelving

Elegant Style of Contemporary Closet Shelving Ideas with Wall Jewelry Storage


What if silver color is combined with stainless wire shelving? It’ll be very chic. The wire shelving looks so accessible with silver colored wardrobe. Make the wall as the jewelry storage. Open wire shelving is recommended for contemporary closet with sleek look.

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15. Craft Station Shelving

Here’s one more idea for crafter. You don’t need to worry of messy craft materials if you organize them into wired racks like this. This rack is flexible and easy to install in almost everywhere, including behind the door.

16. Beautiful Miscellaneous Shelving

Girls or women always want to collect cute things. But sometimes those things don’t have storage to put. These woven baskets can help you to place your miscellaneous items. Additional pretty boxes can be arranged in the same shelving, too.

17. Stationery Closet Shelving

Do you often hardly find your kids’ water color? Or are you tired seeing the crayons spread in every place? It’s time to set stationary closet shelving. Make use the corner of the room to install this tiny shelving but very purposeful for stationery storage.

18. Feminine Girl Closet Shelving

Expressing cheerful spirit is now getting in for fashion lover. Make your teenager’s closet in different style by painting it with light purple. For shelving, place it n the middle of the closet between the hanger and the wardrobe. You’ll see how different and expressive this closet is.

19. Door Closet Racks for Shoes

Don’t leave your closet door empty. Make the stainless shelving on it and put your shoes there. Now you can see clothes and shoes in one closet door.

20. Shelving for Jewelries

Under the shelving shouldn’t be left empty, you. Display your jewelries under the lower part of the closet shelving. They are now accessible and don’t need more jewelry boxes.