60 Clever Storage Ideas to Get Highly Organized Home

Free-cluttered home is always the best. How many times we see lots of junk drawer things and other items become the eyesore? Believe or not, a room that isn’t well organized can give you more stress.

So, here we are with clever storage ideas to store your stuff.

It’s more just than the house looks so crowded, but also it takes more of your time to find something. Practical and perfectly organized house becomes necessary especially if you live in a small space.

Minimalist room requires brilliant organization. Don’t worry to throw the things you still like away. Just try to arrange the room better with these organization tricks.

We just posted an adorable ideas to store your shoes.

You can also be inspired by some Do It Yourself projects that just take little time and effort. However, the result is fantastic.

Boost your creative mind to make your home free cluttered and beautifully personalized.

1. Install small cube or rectangular shelf units for open storage

Amazing Wooden Storages Ideas for Accessories Room Beside Bed


No matter whether it’s a bedroom, living room, or even a kitchen, keeping the cleanliness of the floor is absolutely important. You don’t want your things are stepped all the time, do you? Move all items from the floor away and find place for them. Floor should never be a place for placing small items.

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2. Stylish Storage Ottomans

Stylish Ottoman with Storage Ideas for Living Room Decoration


Multifunctional furniture is a must choice when you want to maximizing item function. Get ottomans that can be storage, too. It’s practical and you can use it to save medium items. This storage genius can save your room from clutters in a handy way.

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3. Applying vertical arrangement with slim wire baskets

Hanging Storage Ideas on the Door For Interior Narrow Room


When you are faced with so many small things to keep, you better make use of vertical spaces. Think of every narrow space and install shelving units there. Behind closet door is the example. Sleek shelving should be there to keep your drawers items.

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4. Bedding Storage

There are always lots of things to organize in a bedroom. Solve the bedroom organizing problem by employing your bed as storage. Making storage space under the bed is the easiest storage idea. The things will be easy to reach and easy to see when it’s needed.

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5. Divided Drawer

We all know that the most cluttered storage ever is the drawer. It’s like all items are mixed there and we often take more time just to find the thing we need. Therefore, do drawer mini grouping and find your things easier.

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6. Small Nooks

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have no place for your reading hobby. Make small nook by mounting the bookshelf between two large cabinets. Place a comfortable chair under the shelf and you can enjoy your reading time there.

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7. Paper zone Shelving Storage Solution

Gift wrappers, left over wallpapers, stationeries, notes, and other paper items are often needed. Make them easy to reach and to find by arranging special small shelving for them. All papers should be placed on small case and the other are on this adjustable racks.

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8. Attractive and Multifunctional Storage

Get more multifunctional furniture such as a coffee table that can be a storage chest. The chest avoids certain items such as bins and basket peeking under your bed. Make your room more attractive without adding extra clutter by employing this furniture type.

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9. Smaller Shelving for Bathroom

Alluring Style of the Storage Ideas to Decorate Bathroom beside Stool
Small bathroom is one of the rooms that should be kept uncluttered. Forget heavy cabinets or bathroom counter. Scale down the bathroom furniture size but make it practical. Small shelving with baskets as the storage suits the minimalist bathroom.

10. Creative and Functional Decoration

Decoration and accessories for small space should have function, too. It’s like if you ride a bike as your daily transportation and have no space at your room, you can hang it on the wall. This is brilliant storage way without consuming extra space. It’s also seen as decorative item on the wall.

11. Stair Inspired Shelving

Don’t put large shelving that makes your small room look narrower. Think practical, think smart. Ladder like shelving is more lightening than heavy wardrobe. Make all the items are seen. Paint bright color such as yellow to give more power on the light but maximally utilized shelves.

12. Working Space under the Stairs

Do you find difficulty to find where your working space should be? When you run out of space, you can set your home office under the stairs. Besides it maximizes the interior corner, you can work quietly without lots of distraction.

13. Curtain for Closet

Closet for small room must be sleek and hidden if possible. Change the closet door to be a curtain making it lighter. Install the closet under the stairs or in the room corner. You can install the closet larger and let the room freer for movement.

14. Storage Bench

Entry way is an ideal space for more storage. Make the bench as storage, too. The larger the bench, the more spacious the storage will be. Keep items like shoes or children toys there.

15. Electronic Keeper

Don’t let wires, chargers, and other electronic things spread in every corner of your home. Do this DIY electronic bin to customize a plastic bin into well organized electronic keeper.

16. Fireplace Book Display

Arranging your book collections isn’t always on bookshelves. New creative idea is shown by this unused fireplace becomes book displayer. Embrace the chic decoration with this interesting storage idea.

17. Open and Mounted Shelving Storage

Just like minimalist concept, small space should be bright and open. When large windows are already installed, then open shelving should be, too. Open wardrobe always gives lighter look.

18. Hidden Storage Under the Table Lamp

Displaying things is good but some of them must be covered, especially if the room is crowded already.

19. Furniture full of Storage

Setting luxurious living room in small space is all right. However, keep the furniture such as coffee table, ottoman, wardrobe, and side tables are fully available for storage.

20. Maximizing the Wall

Never let the wall is empty. Put some boards as small thing organizers, such as jewelry organizers or reminder boards.

21. Bookcase Headboard Storage Ideas

Install more than a decorative headboard. If you love reading before sleeping, you should place your books close to you. Therefore, your headboard should be the bookcase.

22. Dressing Station from Pegboard

Getting your dressing accessories well organized is a must. You need to keep them in good condition for every use. Install pegboard behind your closet door for displaying them.

23. Dresser Storage

Chic dresses can be very useful storage. Make every part of it as storage solution. Every dresser part should be drawers for more extreme storage. Don’t waste an inch.

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24. Maximum Wardrobe Wall

Fill your entire bedroom wall with wardrobe rather than putting cabinets or wardrobe here and there. You can save more squares and corners with this large wardrobe.

25. Magnet Plat

Your medicine tools should always be visible. Therefore, store them in the most practical storage. Use magnet strip for keeping these first aid equipment.

26. Wine Storage on the Table

Storing the wines can be elegantly done by customizing small wine boxes that can be placed on the countertop. This wine box can be served together on a table with other meals.

27. Jars Floating Storage

Think of the easy to reach small things storage. It should be a jar. Why don’t you collect and group all the small things in it and then put them on shelf underside.

28. Mounted Television Cabinet

A large screen TV won’t be matter at all when you put it in the right way. Make customized mounted cabinet for hiding the television because sometimes the TV that is too large can be an eyesore, too.

29. Portable and Convertible Furniture

Making room as multifunctional room will maximize your space. Bedroom that is set together with home office can be useful storage room, too. Portable mattress on storage boxes are great storage alternative.

30. Tension Rod

Cleaning tools like floor brushes, gloves, towels, and other cleaning chemical bottles should be hung on this tension rod above the cleaning equipment basket.

31. Working Desk Storage

It’s not maximizing if you let the space stay empty. Include the storage setting in the working desk to store stationeries or other working items.

32. Extra Closet Rod

When the closet is full of clothes and you have lack of place to put them, add extra rod under the closet shelving.

33. Suitcase as Bedroom bench

Don’t get rid of your old suitcase since it can make awesome vintage bedroom bench. Give the suitcase stands and you’ll have retro furniture in your bedroom.

34. Cardboard divider

This is the cheapest way to organize your drawer. Divide your clothing drawer with these card box pieces to separate different kind of clothing.

35. Mounted Hooks

If your closet is too small to put all your bags and scarf or belts collection, use these mounted hooks. You can display them and also to use them as emergency closet.

36. Small Doorknobs Storage

Creativity is unlimited. Storing small items like your small note pad or cell phone can be done by making small bag that is placed under the door knob. It is easy to reach indeed

37. Under the Ceiling Bookshelf

Large impression is for sure wanted by those who live in tiny space. Keep the decoration stylish but with sufficient storage by providing bookcase under the ceiling.

38. Bed Trunk Storage

Don’t forget that a bed can be the fabulous storage. Include under the trunk for extra space for keeping your stuffs save and invisible.

39. Shoes Display

Having shoes collection is always wanted by most women. You will never have storage problem for the collection if you use this crown molding to display your shoes on the wall.

40. Food Supply Racks

Kitchen organization for small space needs more airy and open racks. Storing your spice goes well by keeping them in a glass jars and arrange them on the mounted shelving. It’s easy to see and accessible.

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41. Floor to Ceiling Shelving

Keep your dishes reachable by placing them on vertical kitchen shelving stretching from floor to ceiling?

42. Woven Baskets on Pegboards

Another kitchen storage tips are by arranging the woven baskets filled with food supply and kitchen tool

43. Ladder Hooks

Kitchen hack should go along with this storage trick. Use ladder to put your pans and pots that are already had hooks attached on them.

44. Bed Side Cabinet

This isn’t just usual cabinet. This mini cabinet inspires you to add more storage in your tiny bedroom that also has bed side table function.

45. Boots Hanger

The right way to store your boots collection is by keeping them in standing position during storage. Therefore, use clothes hanger in different way to store the boots in the closet.

46. Bathroom Corner Shelving

Employing corner is the most efficient organization hack. Minimalist bathroom can apply corner shelving to place bathing items such as soap and small towel. They will be reachable there.

47. Gift Wrapper Storage

Collecting gift wrappers is needed for making you get ready to give presents in an instant. Store them in well-organized way by attaching strings under your closet ceiling.

48. Fashion Organizer Board

Scarf, ties, hats are the attractive fashion items to display. Get the organization trick like in store with wall board dedicated for these small fashion items. Anytime you need it, you just need to grab it without messing your closet up.

49. Hidden Bedding

Double duty furniture is now massively produced by Furniture Company. One of them is this hidden bed fitting with your small studio apartment. Don’t waste every inch by folding this bed when it’s not in use.

50. Toy Storage

Having kids of course will need extra storage, especially for their toys. Make use of fruit basket as the toy storage that you can hang together with bathroom curtain.

51. Pipe Storage Ideas

The main function of pipe is for constructing plumbing. But in this case, pipes have different task. It’s providing storage for gardening tools. Keep the garage tidy with this pipe storage.

52. Cords Ball Holder

Bungee cords can hold the balls perfectly. Set them in vertical arrangement and attached them on the wall. Now the ball is neatly placed.

53. Craft Pegboard Container

DIY container is one of the easiest storage to make. Turn your peg boards to be a container and you can store many more things there.

54. Storage under Coffee Table

Portable furniture is the favorite for minimalist living room. This coffee table with storage is made of wooden planks that also will bring the nature color.

55. Tin for Hose

Your garden must be tidy, too. Maintain its neatness by placing the house in the tin to avoid it crossing the garden path.

56. Vertical Towel Rack

This idea must be interesting for you who love practicality. Keeping the towel on the vertical racks saves more square in your bathroom.

57. Fridge Organizer

Bring the desk arrangement in your fridge. There’ll be no more mess and all foods are classified in a very tidy way. Transparent boxes make the organization better.

58. Closet Substitute

Having too many clothes often make your closet space is getting less. As a substitute, you can use clothing rack as the additional clothing hanger.

59. Metal Basket Bookcase Storage

If you need emergency bookcase, you can mount the metal basket on the wall in horizontal way. Now, your books are saved and visible there.

60. Home Office in a Closet

Hiding home office behind the closet is excellent idea. Living in a small space should make you more creative in hiding some things for not to be appeared.