17 Sparkling Christmas Tree Toppers That Are Cool

Decorating your Christmas tree will not completed without its toppers.

The Christmas tree topper has its function as the most wish representation. You should pick appealing toppers that will enhance your Christmas tree in marvelous appearance.

Here are several inspiring Christmas tree toppers that can be a good idea for you.

It will be good to explore your own creativity on creating nice decoration for your Christmas. It’s about making special tree design with its chic and cute appearance.

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Let’s start scrolling down for inspiring pictures!

1. Evangeline

This sparkling Christmas tree topper reminds you with Evangeline star.

Gorgeous design for Christmas tree toppers with silver surface


It is easy to pick this fancy Christmas tree topper with its inspiring look. It has gorgeous design with dramatic impression. Of course, it creates adorable look for your Christmas decoration. The proper size on this Christmas tree topper has its amazing appearance.

2. Colorful Lighted

If you prefer colorful Christmas tree topper, then pick this one.

Colorful surfaces on fancy star shaped Christmas tree toppers


This ornament has interesting shape. It has lighting design with stylish arrangement. Put it on the top of your Christmas tree and let it shines. The dramatic color will be appeared. It creates striking impression on your Christmas decoration setting.

2. Star Shaped

Instead of using complicated star-shaped topper, this one can be alternative Christmas ornament.

Look at this simple and minimalist Christmas tree topper. It has chic design with elegant red color. Attach it on your Christmas tree and get enchanting details from this design. It brings catchy look with impressive accent on your home.

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4. Monogram

You also can use some monogram as your Christmas tree topper.

This decoration idea is also interesting. You can use this simple monogram design as Christmas tree topper. It has breathtaking design with its chic look. Of course, it creates cozy room design with catchy layout for your Christmas decoration setting.

5. Chic Angel

Buy this chic angel Christmas tree toppers for more spectacular appearance.

Elegant angel shaped Christmas tree toppers with white wing


The angel character can be a good topper for your Christmas tree. It brings calm situation with nice impression. There are various styles of these toppers design. You can pick it based on your favorite style. It enhances beautiful Christmas tree design.

6. Ribbons

Create your own Christmas tree toppers using some ribbons like this.

Lovely red and green ribbons as Christmas tree toppers


To save your budget, creating your own ornament by making some nice bow decoration for your Christmas tree topper will be great. Collect some ribbons and start arrange it into this attractive shape. It creates fascinating Christmas tree appearance with chic look.

7. Gold

Let it blow by using this bright Christmas tree topper with brilliant effects.

Look at how impressive this Christmas tree topper as the fresh decorating theme. It enhances the Christmas tree look in such a mesmerizing style. Apply this design for gaining comfy atmosphere on your home. It must be awesome idea.

8. Tinkerbell

Create your own fairytale character by adding this Tinkerbell Christmas tree topper.

Kids will love this design. The Tinkerbell Christmas tree topper can be a good choice for enhancing your Christmas tree in such a striking appearance like this.

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9. Glitter Monogram

Let’s back to monogram Christmas tree topper. This one has glitter effects.

Adding monogram as your Christmas tree topper is also a good idea to try. Look at this glittery monogram with S-shaped design. It enhances the Christmas tree appearance in such a mesmerizing design. Of course, it must be awesome choice, right?

10. Snowflakes

If you prefer to get classic details, this snowflake topper can be a good choice.

This ornament has mid-century design with its chic look. It create classic atmosphere on your Christmas tree decoration with impressive look. You should try to add this decoration for gaining vintage appearance on your Christmas celebration.

11. Another Snowflake

Create your DIY Christmas tree topper from toilet paper tubes.

Save your budget! This idea is just amazing by making your Christmas tree topper from toilet paper tubes. It still looks dramatic with its shiny lighting design. Explore your creativity on making this arrangement.

12. Straw Star

Look around your goodies, the straws can be a good Christmas tree topper, too.

This idea is interesting. You just need to arrange the straws into this interesting shape. It brings inexpensive Christmas tree topper yet with its elegant appearance. The DIY stuff like this is actually a good idea to try.

13. Another DIY Star

If you prefer to get practical DIY stuff, then just print it out.

By print out the Christmas tree topper template and start assembles it, DIY toppers will be yours. It has unique design with awesome color option. Of course, this idea is also cheap and easy to get. You can save your budget and still get Christmas tree topper in such a magnificent design.

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14. Disney

Don’t like some DIY stuff? Then just get this Disney Christmas tree topper character.

Do you remember the previous Tinkerbell Christmas tree topper? The other Disney characters for your Christmas tree topper are also available. Look at how cute this character that will bring a joy for your Christmas celebration. It must be a good recommendation for you.

15. Rattan Star

Add some nice illumination on your Christmas tree topper using this star.

Bright Christmas tree toppers with Santa Cart and Flying deer


This one has fancy lighting design. It sparks your Christmas tree topper in such a great illumination. You will get awesome Christmas tree topper with its dramatic appearance. The beautiful Christmas tree topper usually has its shiny appearance.

16. Candy Cane

Sweet candy Christmas tree topper for cheerful Christmas celebration.

Cute red candy shaped Christmas tree toppers for cheerful party


This Christmas tree topper can be a good choice, too. It has candy color with cute appearance. Grab this theme for creating unique design for your Christmas decoration.

17. Acrylic Star

More lighting, please! Look at this lighted acrylic Christmas tree toppers.

Need a good choice, why don’t use this acrylic Christmas tree topper. When it’s not turned on, it just look simple yet clear and transparent. Wait until you turn on its lighting design and the dramatic visualization of its color will bring new joy. Merry Christmas!