19 Christmas Tree Decor & Ideas to Spice Up Your Special Day

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Celebrating Christmas is not complete without proper tree decoration theme (or without Breathtaking Outdoor Christmas Lights). It brings fun and awesome Christmas celebration.

This post will show you several unique decorating elements for your Christmas trees. It can be a fun activity for you.

You also can even make your own DIY Christmas trees decoration in such a beautiful setting. It brings new way on creating fun and eclectic appearance on your Christmas celebration.

Well, here we go. Let’s check out several decoration themes below. From cheerful nuance to simple and chic setting, just let yourself decide your own Christmas tree decorations. Don’t hesitate to involve all family members on decorating your Christmas tree.

You can get these accessories easily, whether you want to buy it or create it by yourself. It must be fun activity to do.

1. Cute accessories for Christmas tree

If you want to get simple yet chic decorating element, then you can use these decorating elements for your trees. These cute socks with glowing Christmas lamp can be a good decor for celebrating your cheerful Christmas.

2. Want to get unusual ideas? Try this christmas bottle tree

This one has unique Christmas tree design using bottle stack. Use this simple yet chic bottle Christmas tree for amazing decoration set. It can be alternative Christmas tree with its special design. Awesome, isn’t it?

3. Or if you prefer to get simple decoration, then this pure white Christmas tree decor can be a good choice

White and blue ribbons for Christmas tree decorations


Look at how amazing this white Christmas tree in such a glowing appearance. You can create same decoration theme for amazing nuance on your home design. It must be amazing, isn’t it?

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4. Now, look at this violet Christmas tree. It must be a good choice.

Extraordinary purple and blue ornaments in Christmas tree decorations


Completing the vintage living room with this fabulous Christmas tree is a brilliant idea. With the fancy colors, your grey room will be more colorful. Vintage details make the interior more fascinating.

5. This one also has simple decoration set with red and white color setting.

You can get this simple decoration tree by using the combination red and white color setting. It enhances room decoration with unique setting on your home. It creates stunning appearance with adorable layout.

6. If you prefer to get chic and simple decoration theme, then just make paper Christmas tree decor

Creative ornament from paper for unique Christmas tree decorations


The paper material has inexpensive design. It is also flexible enough with its stunning material and chic layout. Learn on how to create this simple ornament design. It enhances your Christmas tree in such a beautiful theme.

7. Instead of using paper, you can even use this ribbon decoration

This ribbon decor theme has unique setting with colorful theme. You can easily make it by arranging the ribbon in Christmas tree shape. Pick the fun ribbon color for enhancing cheerful nuance on your Christmas tree decoration.

8. Paper, ribbon, or this sweet ornament? Just let yourself decide

Creating DIY ornament like this one is a creative thing to do. It has cheap design with chic nuance. You will get cozy Christmas decor with its beautiful appearance. Don’t hesitate to pick the red or white color as the main Christmas tree decor.

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9. Sticking your Christmas ornament on your wall can be attractive too

Clean white wall with Unique Christmas tree decorations


This one has simple ornament design with chic nuance. It enhances stunning room appearance with adorable layout. All you have to do is collecting the Christmas ornament and putting it on your wall by using Christmas tree shape. It must be simple yet creative idea isn’t it?

10. Again, the white Christmas tree will show the purities

Beautiful snow like ornaments in white Christmas tree decorations


Look at how beautiful this Christmas tree design. It looks minimalist with adorable nuance using white color accent. Don’t hesitate to get simple yet unique layout like this. It boosts your spacious interior design with beautiful Christmas tree layout.

11. How about something gold?

Small golden flying deer in Christmas tree decorations


It sparks the room with stunning decoration theme. You can get shiny decor theme by using this Christmas decor in such a beautiful layout like this.

12. Or a beatiful pink bells?

Lovely pink balls in Christmas tree decorations


The pink bells on your Christmas tree is a good recommendation for they who adore feminine Christmas design. It brings unique Christmas setting with chic layout. Look at how impressive this ornament on your tree.

13. Tired of contemporary decor set? Try this classic ornament

Vintage Christmas tree decorations on white fireplace mantle


It looks adorable with vintage nuance. The golden setting on your home will bring chic appearance. Of course, it creates warm nuance with vintage accent.

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14. Combine with Rustic wood sticks

Rustic wood sticks for unique Christmas tree decorations


You can make simple ornament design by using wooden stick like this. Decorate as you want and get stunning ornament for your Christmas tree. It lets you get amazing Christmas tree design with chic and beautiful layout.

15. Complete the Christmas tree decor with these delicious Christmas cakes

Fancy Christmas tree decorations for long dining table


These cakes can be a good additional ornament that you can serve on Christmas celebration. It has unique shapes with delicious taste. Christmas tree with Christmas tree cakes are perfect combination.

16. Or try this inexpensive Christmas tree made from paper

nstead of using wooden Christmas tree, you can make this unique Christmas Dztreedzmade from paper. It’s cheap and affordable enough to build. It will complete your Christmas celebration in such different setting.

17. Another paper work

Brilliant Christmas tree decorations using deer and angel ornaments


The white Christmas will be a unique decoration setting for your home. It creates mesmerizing situation with cold theme. Apply this decor setting for enhancing mesmerizing appearance on your Christmas celebration.

18. Need more advice? Try traditional crocheted ornament

Traditional crocheted ornament in vintage Christmas tree decorations


Enhancing your Christmas decoration by using wool can be a good idea to try. It creates stunning appearance with elegant setting. You should try to make this decor if you love sewing things.

19. And for the last, try LED glow Christmas tree

Stylish clear glass material in Christmas tree decorations


Get this lighting ornament for your Christmas celebration. It glows in such a unique appearance.