50 Cool Things You Need for Christmas Decor

Christmas must be rejoiced with our love ones, friends, and family.

And decorating home when the Christmas coming has been become annual routines to do. You have chances to make your Christmas decoration at home getting more festive each year with new fresh ideas.

Inspired by various features, these decorations will be awesome seasonal gifts for your home.

Boost your creativity by doing the DIY projects for more skillful decorating. You can also bring the holiday spirit by purchasing the upscale accessories to beautify your space.

Best part of Christmas decor :

Check these ideas out for fantastic themes you can apply at your both interior and exterior.

1. Ladder for Greeting Cards

Making use of everyday items is still breakthrough in decorating technique. It’s like this ladder that is used for displaying greeting cards so your guests can see and read the seasonal warm greetings.

2. Colorful Christmas Balls

Don’t panic if you just have last minute before Christmas dinner is hosted at your home. Grab colorful balls and hang them on the pergola with paper ribbons.

3. Decorate the Fireplace Mantel

Warming the room, fireplace is always the focal point for sure. Put special decorations there by hanging red stockings, placing mini Christmas tree, or put the presents.

4. Christmas Past Garland

Meaningful photographs or greeting cards from previous Christmas are worth to see. Remembering the happy moments together with friends and family, the Christmas memories items can make beautiful garland.

5. Black and White

Try to look different in Christmas this year. While the others have red and green as the Christmas color décor, you can be very innovative with black and white. It starts with black and white Christmas tree, black and white room background, or black and white dining table.

6. Hang Beautiful Wreath

Bright colored wreath is irresistible. Pretty magnolia leaves wreath will look fanciful on your entrance door. Let the bright color shines through this beautiful Christmas décor. Shiny ornaments are good for minimalist Christmas decoration where the space is limited.

7. Birds on Wreath

Flowers or leaves wreath are beautiful, but try more unique to accentuate the wreath. Choose the most glamorous bird such as peacock. Its bright colors will light up the room.

8. Recycled Rustic Charm

Think eco-friendly décor. Rustic texture adds more nature touch at your table. Give the old tobacco basket the new soul by using it as a vintage rustic cards display.

9. White Feather Christmas Tree

Green Christmas tree is too common. How about trying the non-leaves Christmas tree by arranging white feather? A little lighting in it will glow this tree among white themed room.

10. Clementine for Pillars

Bright and beautiful, those are the images presented by orange Clementine. Hang some of them on the pillars for not making the pillars empty.

11. Feathers Inside Glass Balls

Showcasing elegance, peacock feathers and white feathers look lavish inside the glass balls. Hang them on rustic branches. They will be the most unique Christmas ornaments ever.

12. Deck at Porch

You’ll need extra effort to build a little deck at your front porch, but the result will be awesome. Decorate the porch with logs underneath and other rustic accessories.

13. Succulent Wreath

Another unique wreath is made from the Mother Nature. Succulent wreath can be the true wreath giving fresh look. This shows the real representative of the wreath, symbolizing prosperity and wealth.

14. Pine Candle

Bored with usual candles? Get these pine candles for your table decorations. They will make your guests stunned with its unique shapes while they enjoy the dinner.

15. Succulent Christmas Tree

A tree from plants, it’s the best description for this cute succulent Christmas tree. The tree might be small and just for table decoration, but the impression would attract big attention.

16. Faux Snow along the Room

Snow is the things that cannot be left for Christmas decoration. Make your room décor livelier and more real by spreading the sprinkle artificial snows along the fireplace mantels, tables, or Christmas tree.

17. White Paper Wreath

This paper wreath isn’t like the one you’ve ever seen, right? It’s for you who love to craft. With just an easy to get materials, you can make adorable wreath to be hung on your door.

18. Pine Branches Centerpiece

Nature lover will love this centerpiece idea. With the green color showing the freshness, these pine branches centerpieces are the right natural things to wrap the candles.

19. Unexpected Tree Decoration

Bringing unique items are the options for you who are so creative. Try to look for something fragrant from kitchen like cinnamon sticks, and hang them on the Christmas tree. Don’t forget to bundle them with pretty ribbon.

20. Christmas Tree on the Wall

Who said that Christmas tree should be green and on ground? Be more creative by making the tree from Christmas tree accessories arranged on the wall. Let your guests see how creative you are.

21. Branches Outdoor Lightings

Be prepared with thrifty lighting but still chic. Make a ball from branches and get the small light bulbs on it. Your yard will be glowing all night long.

22. Paper Snowflakes

Paper is all purpose materials; including decorating the wall without making you broke. If all you have is just papers, search the snowflakes pattern on the internet and start to beautify your walls with them.

23. Golden Jars on Branches

Unused jars can make your frozen trees outside looks glamorous. Paint the jars with golden paint and hang them on the branches with wires. These should welcome the guest in elegant ways.

24. Crystal Table Arrangement

Not to mention how crystal can reflect the luxury, candle holders made from crystals are the best for having elegant Christmas dining. Set them on the mirrored surface and the glamour would be perfectly reflected.

25. Light bulb Penguins

This looks very crafty, isn’t it? It will be the joyful Christmas project to do with your kids. Besides you’ll teach your kids to recycles, you’ll have exceptional Christmas ornaments.

26. Book Christmas Tree

Are you crazy in reading? For sure you have tons of book collection. If you have many, why don’t you try something new by arrange the book for a Christmas tree? Try it and you’ll see how beauty it is.

27. Branches Lightings

Giving festive sensation around the fireplace isn’t always expensive. Be creative by making the branches to be fireplace lightings. Place them here and there and you’ll see the glow.

28. Ice Wreath

The spirit of Christmas always lights the creativity up. Surprise your guests when the entrance your home by hanging the ice wreath on the door. The leaves and pines inside the ice are stunning.

29. Crochet Snowflakes

Never waste your crochet skill in this Christmas. Start making crochet snowflakes for personalized Christmas tree. White crochet will warm everybody who sees your tree.

30. Baroque Styled Ornaments

Hearing about Baroque, perhaps you’ll think how expensive it is. But no, this baroque Christmas ornaments are made from artificial pearls you can get just with few dollars. The result doesn’t show its cheap cost.

31. Glittered Glass Balls

Just like its name, glitter, it never disappoints everybody who sees its sparkling beauty. Put golden glitter on glass balls ornaments to add more glamour and shines. As an option, you can put gold glitters on it for more glamorous accents.

32. Can Stars

Cheap but attractive, these impressions are given by star ornaments made from beer cans. Never throw away the used can since your hands can give them new beautiful life.

33. Map Heart

Silver balls, golden stars, they might sound very familiar for Christmas tree ornaments. Why don’t you craft the more unique ornament like recycling the old map to be a heart?

34. White Can Snowman

To cheer your kids up, make snowman indoor. It’s possible if you use different sizes of can and decorate them with ribbon and papers. It’s the right crafty Christmas project for your kids. You’ll have great quality time and cute décor. It’s fun and cute!

35. Holiday Cushions

If sewing is your hobby, don’t forget to make your home elements special. Make cushions with Christmas spirit application. You can reuse the unused fabric of old clothes.

36. Snowman Table Mat

Don’t underestimate simple DIY decoration because they can be so appealing. It’s like this red and blue table mat that you can make it yourself.

37. Logs Focal Point

Fireplace isn’t always used if you have electric warmer already. However, don’t leave it blank. Fill the fireplace with logs that have been colored with colorful chalks. The room will get more relaxing and cozier.

38. Natural Rustic Ornaments

Having rustic door is an advantage already. It will be easier to find natural ornaments to match with. Grab pines from outside and hang them on your door knob. Some red ribbons make the rusticity looks pretty.

39. Birdcages Table Decoration

Birdcages are not only for birds. Filled with paper birds, these birdcages are great table top décor for your working desk in your home office. Chic rustic or classy feminine home office theme should have these birdcage decorations.

40. Lighting Ornaments

Let’s try to improve a little bit from the old things, like the small light bulbs. Put colorful glitters on them and stretch them along your space. Even without bright light, the colors already make these small bulbs alive.

41. Road Map Wrapper

Wrapping your friends or family who love travelling should be done in this way. Old maps look personal and special. Don’t use too many ribbon and ornaments; just use simple thread to tie it.

42. Woodland Like Centerpiece

Have you ever thought of having small nature depiction on your table? If not, try it. Collect simple things like pine, deer ornaments, and small greenery. A small branch will be good to make it sweeter. Now, you have small woodland.

43. Red and Green Entryway

Red and green, that’s how Christmas should look like. Create whimsical decoration in front of your entrance door and terrace. Some traditional outdoor lightings show the country soul of your celebration.

44. Red Ribbons All Over

Be red, be Christmas, be joyful! Easy to make and easy to install, big red ribbons should be your last minute decoration idea. Tie every plain ornaments with this ribbon to spark their feature.

45. Mason Jar Centerpiece

Glass centerpiece sound spends too much cost. If you want the thrifty glass décor, make use of the empty glass jars. Does it sound ordinary? Not until you fill them with red and green things you pick from nature.

46. Ranches Outdoor Decoration

Winter is the season where fresh flowers are hard to get. Even if you get them, the cost is more expensive than the other seasons. Therefore, beautify your outdoor with branches in a basket. Mount them for rustic wall décor.

47. Ice Skating with Wreath

Are you an ice skating lover? Let your skating shoes become part of Christmas spirit by hanging them on the door with green wreath. Your decoration is now from what you love!

48. Succulent Terrarium Ornament

Nature lover will love this tiny terrarium made from glass ball and succulent plants. Hung with red and golden ribbon, they will be beautiful in all over the room, not only on the Christmas tree. Succulent plans are always the available greenery for all seasons and the shapes of the leaves are pretty.

49. Colorful Contemporary Wreath

Trying new wreath idea can be lots of fun. If your home is in ultramodern or contemporary style, your wreath will be like your home theme. The colorful features will give more sparks.

50. Rustic Snowman Wreath

This décor proves that snowman isn’t only made from snow. Your country home will be stunning with three branch wreaths as one and form the snowman like. Little red scarfs should be on it to make the perfect and cute snowman.

Preparing holiday celebration must be fun, but a little bit overwhelming maybe. Some of the decorations can be home made. You can make simple branches wreath by yourself or you can hang colorful ornaments with simple decorating techniques.

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