23 Delicious Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

The Christmas cake is also an important thing that you should prepare for your Christmas party.

It will be a good supper for your gathering moment. Of course, creating nice decoration on top of its cake will enhance the overall situation. It must be a good idea to try.

This post will show you inspiring Christmas cake decorations.

It is easy to make special cake for your Christmas celebration with this brilliant idea. The cake has unique design with impressing detail. And, you can Do it yourself for this Christmas.

Well, are you ready? Let’s check it out!

1. Snowman Toppers

Start by adding some snowman on top of your Christmas cake.

Christmas is identical with snowman character. That’s why you should put this unique snowman decoration on your home. It looks snowy with its catchy design, right?

2. Santa

If you prefer to put Santa Clause on your cake rather than snowman, then look at this.

Small white and red cake with Santa Christmas cake decorations


Christmas is also identical with Santa Clause. This Christmas cake has best decoration with Santa Clause character as its “topping”. For sure, the same concept for your cake can be found easily.

3. Snowflakes

Adding some snowflakes on your Christmas cake is also a good idea to try.

This cake has unusual details with cool snowflakes motifs as its topping. You should get the same Christmas cake decor for enhancing its tasty appearance.

4. Leaf

This Christmas cake decoration is also attractive by using the wreath ornament.

The wreath decor as ornament for your Christmas cake is also an interesting idea. Look at this delicious cake with its premium design using wreath layer. It must be a good idea for you who love to get lovely cake.

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5. The Star

Some starry decoration on your Christmas cake? It sure is a good idea!

This cake has impressive appearance with its starry decorating elements. It has beautiful Christmas tree shape made from stars ornament. Apply this decoration and you will get unique cake for your Christmas.

6. Tree with Star

This Christmas tree cake is one of delicious cakes choice for your Christmas celebration.

Yummy! This cupcake has its cute shape using Christmas tree. You should learn on how to create this simple cupcake with strong Christmas appearance.

7. Another Tree Shaped

If you prefer to get some ginger cake with Christmas tree shape, then learn on the recipe.

These delicious ginger cakes are awesome. It has unique Christmas tree shape with tasty appearance. Of course, it can be good cakes for your Christmas celebration.

8. Another Leaf

This cake is also beautiful with its Christmas ornament as its topping.

Look at this delicious cake with its fabulous Christmas leaves as its topping. It has attractive look with tasty look.

9. Flowers & Leaf

Buy these stuffs if you just stuck with your Christmas cake decorations.

For more practical Christmas cake decoration, these ornaments will works. It’s simple and easy to be applied on your cake.

10. Again, Cute Snowflakes

This cute snowman for your Christmas cake decoration is also available to buy.

Just put them as your cake ornament for Christmas celebration. It brings cute character with amazing detail for fancy cake design.

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11. Gifts

The Christmas cake decoration has its wonderful design made from red color.

This one has catchy cake design with red accent. It uses some ornaments with gifts representation. It must be attractive cake with tasty look, isn’t it?

12. Penguin on Ice

These cute penguins are swimming as your Christmas cake decoration.

The idea on putting some penguins on your cake is also interesting thing to try. It enhances the cake appearance in such a lovable and tasty look like this.

13. Another ‘Gifts’

This Christmas cake has its unique shapes just like gifts.

Romantic red gift shaped Christmas cake decorations for party


Learn on how to create this unique Christmas cake. It has fascinating look with its gift design. The look is just look tasty with its nice impression.

14. Penguin & Gifts

Penguin and gifts. Combining these stuffs as Christmas decoration sounds good, right?

You have already see on how beautiful the penguin and gift as ornament for your Christmas cakes. Just combine both elements as unique Christmas cake decoration.

15. Tree & Deer

This Christmas cake looks amusing with its “living reindeer”.

Appealing deer and trees as tiny Christmas cake decorations


Simply buy these stuffs. You can make a nice decoration using this chic Christmas cake decoration kit. It enhances your cake appearance with Christmas touch.

16. Gingerbread Man

You can make this captivating Christmas cake in a simple way.

Visit the link attached to learn this ginger cake recipe with its Christmas decoration. It looks lovely with alluring topping.

17. Foliage

Attaching some foliage on your Christmas cake will create dramatic effects.

Stylish ribbon and leaves ornaments on Christmas cake decorations


The foliage creates enchanting decoration on your Christmas cake. It brings tasty look, while the overall appearance of your cake is still delicious enough.

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18. Tree, Deer, & Snowflakes

Put these cute ornaments as your Christmas cake decoration.

Tiny deer and tree in lovely Christmas cake decorations


You can grab these stunning ornaments for enhancing your cake design. It has unique look with tasty appearance. Of course, adding these simple ornaments is just easy and practical.

19. Snowflakes on Purple Cake

Look at this simple Christmas cake decoration with minimalist snowflakes ornaments.

This Christmas cake has simple and minimalist appearance using snowflakes design. It has blue color with tasty look.

20. Ribbon

Stay simple by using proper Christmas cake ornament like this.

Rustic wreath and red ribbon on Christmas cake decorations


Minimalism speaks all. Choose this cake concept to complete your Christmas celebration. It must be awesome.

21. Gold Star

This simple starry cake design is a good choice for your Christmas, too.

Look at how beautiful this Christmas cake. It has stunning star decoration with gold layer. Your Christmas will be more attractive using this cake decoration.

22. All in

Finish it with these stunning Christmas accessories for your cake.

These accessories are also cute for your Christmas cake decoration. You can pick some of these unusual ornaments with its interesting look. Of course, it brings different appearance on your cake design.

23. Classic

If you prefer to get the classic Christmas cake style, then just choose this one.

Learn the recipe and start to make this tasty cake. It has sweet white color with tasty look. This classic Christmas cake is a good choice for you who want to get some vintage details.

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