15 Dreamy Canopy Bed Ideas

Opulent Bedroom with Canopy Bed also Tufted Chair plus Mini Dresser beside Wardrobe

Do you wonder how canopy bed can make the bedding having glamorous charm? You need to go through these traditionally designed bedrooms with canopy bedding styles.

What about contemporary bedroom with simple bedding? Can it have canopy? Of course yes. Bedding canopies come in various designs fit your bedding styles.

Don’t wait for being super wealthy to set your bedroom becomes dreamy retreat. After seeing how easy the canopy is set, you should start to get one for your bedding.

Most of them need simple fabric. With creative ways, you’ll get your bedding excellently decorated. It’s time to remodel.

Get the ideas here.

1. Simple Sheer canopy for Rustic Minimalist

2. Exotic Canopy for Soothing Bedroom

Making the bedroom becomes exotic retreat is simply done by setting exotic fabric as the bedding canopy. Don’t cover the entire of the bedding to keep the modern style. The canopy can just covers the wall behind the headboard and a little on the ceiling. Dimmed lighting in exotic color promotes the soothing here.

3. Drapery Backdrop for Platform Bed

If your bedding has platform already but you feel like you want the clean look, you can set the drapery behind your bedding. It saves more fabric and keeps the bedroom looks clear. Your elegant bedding still can be seen and the modern concept is still clearly exposed. This can be employed for colored bedding with attractive shape.

4. Open Canopy for Contemporary Details

Eclectic style always presents fabulous details. It happens when traditional bedding is modified into modern one. The platform is inspired from classic style but the bedding lines are sharp. With these details, you don’t need any fabric to cover it up. It’s enough that the bedding is the eclectic identity of how it stands out among modern and vintage furniture.

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5. Unusual Canopy on Modern Bed

Neon colored bed with simple style will look so astonishing. The clean rectangular bedding platform is the nice attachment for simple drapery. It looks unique for modern bedding. It’s a solution when you want to bring classic pop to your modern bedroom.

6. Daybed Canopy for Princess Room

This dramatic canopy is a big surprise to change your little girl’s room into fairy tale place. Neutral drapery and bed sheet are enough to make princess daybed with romantic canopy. A valance will beautifully anchor the fabric. For absolute feminine look, use light lavender as the bedroom wall painting.

7. Elegance Splendor in Classic Abundance

Fascinating colors are perfectly brought by this traditional canopy to visualized traditional splendor. Dark colors interpret the wealthy taste or classy decoration. It is suitable for a room with plenty sunlight. It looks like throne connecting the high appearance and reality. What a classy bedroom

8. Victorian Canopy for Royal Chamber

How a royal chamber looks like is shown by that Victorian canopy. The canopy design is sophisticated. It’s made of the finest fabric with classy patterns. The style is inspired by the glamour of 19th Century bedroom. The master bedroom is defined by ultimate luxury with this royal interior

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9. DIY Swath Canopy for Chic Bedding

Not all canopies need complex arrangement. People always think that dressing a bed takes lots of time and spend lots of money. In fact, you can do it through DIY project like this chic canopy. Divide the light and sheer fabric into swath and simple hang them on the platform. See how it changes your bedding becomes more romantic

10. Whimsical Canopy for More Romance

A canopy can have a light sense. You’ll believe after seeing this soft canopy that is simple set. This canopy makes your bedroom ceiling softer with light white fabric. It can be installed even without any bedding platform. So tempting, isn’t it?

11. Floral Print Canopy in Unfussy Style

Modern chic bedroom needs strong identity without making the room fussy. Therefore, this floral patterned canopy style is wonderful choice. Make the pipes platform visible. It’s easy to sweep when you want brighter bedding look. The floral pattern gives feminine accent yet still practical. The bedding still fits with contemporary arrangement but with stronger chic concept

12. Shiny Canopy in Pink

Blending stainless materials with chic styles give the modern unique look. It’s the sleek lines that make the room looks sophisticated. Showing the feminine goes well with industrial is the design characteristic of this bedroom interior. The stainless platform bedding without any curtains at all makes the bedroom interior light to be combined with pink sheer windows drapery.

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13. Open Canopy in Teenager’s Bedroom

Teenager’s room needs more clean. It’s because they need more space to move. The space is needed to be used as the place for colorful materials, too. For example, starts lighting need to be hung under the ceiling to accentuate the bedroom to be more cheerful. With this decoration, curtain canopy isn’t needed. Open canopy made from steel is enough to show the elegance. Bright colored pattern on the duvet is all right for livelier.

14. Light Country Style Canopy

A farmhouse or country style home interior has special canopy style. It’s sophisticated blend between modern and traditional country design. The furniture basic shape is in country style, but the lines strongly represent sleek modernity. Light blue and white reflect the calmness of the bedroom atmosphere

15. Modern Tuscan Canopy

The soothing Tuscan color bringing earthy fits with this simple white canopy. It just takes a white fabric that is used to cover the upper part of the bedding. But it’s enough to show traditional accent and soften the bedding ceiling. A Tuscan home with minimalist bedroom fits with this simple canopy style. The Tuscan bedding is graceful with this white canopy. It complements beachfront house with bedrooms face the ocean. The canopy is as light as the ocean breeze.