Fantastic Bunk Beds for Kids Ideas

Bunk beds for kids come in more gorgeous designs than adults’. Whether for your cool boys or little princess, you could get most suitable bunk bed models.

Of course having many children will cheer up your house! Their energy will makes house living seems more happier. However, sometimes many parents worry about bedroom spaces for their children. Small house or small apartment only offers limited spaces for bedroom. So, here is clever way to solve those problems.

Kids Love Bunk Bed So Much!

Your kids, with their curiosity and imagination will love to have bunk bed at their bedroom. Surely, they will don’t mind to share some spaces with their siblings if you get them bunk bed. Beside, your kids could have mini personal living room attached on their bunk bed too.

Cozy Living room and Comfy Bedroom In One

Underneath the upper bed, you could have small wooden couch for small living room. Match the couch’s cushions with the bedding set color scheme. For example, purple color scheme will looks more fabulous on cream colored bunk bed set. More features can be added as well, such as desk and shelves. For alternative color, you may choose pink to match the wooden bunk bed. However, these colors scheme will more suitable for teenage girl. Find darker color theme for your teenage boys.

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Study Room and Pleasant Bed in One

If your children love to keep their A grades, you could reward them with attached desk on bedroom. For example, you may see the white bunk bed. White color scheme is perfect choice because it could spread clean and neat at bedroom. So, the upper side of bunk bed is the bedding part, and the study room in underneath it. Two small drawers could be placed on the study room area. Another design looks simpler and more natural. Just get bunk bed with stairs, after that attach single shelf on the wall, below the bed.

Special Bunk Bed for Small Kids

What things could lead kid for happiest moment at their childhood? Yes, playing at bedroom! Now, you may get theme special bunk bed with slide. Every morning, they will love to get up and sliding on their own bedroom! Of course they could invite their friends for sleepover party and try the gorgeous sliding. And special for your little princess, the castle bunk bed with elegant stairs and fun sliding is proper gift.

Gorgeous Castle Like Bunk Beds for Kids inside Girl Bedroom with Curve Stairs and Pink Cushions

Absolutely, bunk bed for kids could be more fantastic that adult’s. Moreover, no more fighting over spaces if you just purchase cute bunk bed for them.

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