24 Alluring Bay Window Treatment Ideas

Make your house seems more comfortable with these following bay window treatment ideas!

Sometimes you have nice and beautiful view outside your window. It can be beautiful garden, enchanting forest, clear blue sky or perfect beach view. Best way to enjoy those kind of view is with these bay window.

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There are many ways to install the bay window treatment, You may install this one on living room, bedroom, dining room, or even kitchen. All that you need is perfect idea to make the whole bay window treatment looks gracious and elegant.

So, check these amazing ideas!

1. For clear and clean media room with contemporary style, check this bay window designs.

2. Little fresh green shades could make your white bay window corner seems brighter.

3. Perhaps you will love this dark brown shades for minimalist bay window designs.

4. If you want lighter brown, you may generate it with nice curtain, really astonishing.

nice curtain bay window designs


5. Cool blue can looks harmonious with warm brown color scheme at bay window.

Cool blue bay window design


6. Warmer nuance will be achieved beautifully with wooden shades at your bay window corner.

wooden shades bay window corner


7. Gold-colored chandelier can makes your plain white bay window seems more cheerful.

Gold-colored chandelier white bay window


8. More fresh touch could be generated will be succesfully achieved with fresh green curtain

9. You could get more unique sense at bay window with this white striped curtain.

10. This elegant bay window decoration inspired by British Royal Castle’s decoration, really alluring

11. Just install some decorative glasses at bay window corner, and everything will be fine.

decorative glasses at bay window corner


12. Just with this simple idea, bay window will looks amazing! Add some photos too.

13. This gorgeous bay window curtain only made of black velvet fabric, really wonderful choice.

black velvet fabric bay window


14. Black floral pattern on white curtain based, your bay window corner could looks charming.

15. Bright up your bay window corner with proper lightings, this one is best idea.

bay window corner lightings


16. Do you want more stunning bay window appearance? Just install red colored curtain!

red colored curtain bay window


17. Red maroon curtain in cream colored bay window, really breathtaking view at living room.

Red maroon curtain in cream colored bay window


18. Orange nuance will bring cheery spirit even for small bay window, add beautiful floral.

19. Adorable floral pattern in fuchsia color makes the whole bay window looks more alluring.

20. Pink curtain on green bay window treatment, for astonishing living room atmosphere.

21. Sweet pink bay window theme looks more adorable and beautiful with soft pink curtain.

22. White and pink bay window for little girls’ bedroom, looks cute and charming.

23. Red and light orange color theme for bay window treatment, looks convenient and comfortable.

24. Surely you will really adore this adorable floral curtain with yellow color!

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