17 Impressive Bathroom Tile Ideas

Pleasing Concept of Intricate Bathroom Tile Ideas also Bathtub plus Visible Glass Door

Arranging vibrant bathroom tile are sometimes challenging. But this ideas will help you find out the perfect one.

It’s done for getting rid off of the boring bathroom look. Typical bathrooms are white or just plain when it comes to create awesome bathroom.

Here we try to collect images that maybe replace the concepts that bathroom will be just plain. Jumping off from one color to another is the principals in creating dreamy vibes.

For further look, take these ideas as the inspirations.

1. Graphic Tile for Shower Room Wall

Fantastic Shower Room Wall with Enticing Bathroom Tile Ideas also Visible Glass Door


Staying chic doesn’t always bore with plain white. If you choose white as the color to create the sleek bathroom appearance, you should add graphic punch on the white bathroom wall. Shower room is the right place since the wall is usually empty from storage.

The bathroom in white will still have accent with this punch pattern. Darker grey or vivid blue are suggested tile color for accentuating the white tiles.

2. Wall Tile Painting

This one is complicated, but the result will not disappoint you. Japanese bathroom with Zen style occupied with calming color is getting more artistic with blue wall tile painting. The bathroom is edgy being exposed to the tile painting. Blue tile wall and black ceramics are well arranged together with black marble tile.

3. Fully Applied Graphic Prints

Groovy style is shown by this bathroom with jazzy graphic printed tiles. The colors are well accentuated with light wood flooring. Red and green gives energizing in this contemporary bathroom. The bathroom lighting isn’t visually shown since it in recessed style lighting. Therefore, minimalist decoration is fully done by these graphic tile patterns.

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4. Sleek in Beige

Bathroom tiles sometimes have to follow the background. Beige bathroom with concrete wall that is clean has beige tile as another side f the wall. Without strong texture, the tile wall is still seen. It’s recommended for very tiny bathroom avoiding too many colors

5. Chic Marble Bathroom

Charming Interior Decoration with Bathtub also Table plus Grand Marble Bathroom Tile Ideas


Chic theme always has bright colors. Therefore, beautiful texture is needed to develop the feminine and beautiful platform. Marble tile strengthens the chic with pretty textures. Natural pattern like this is needed for feminine interior look. The bathroom floor is cute with small tiles having small arches.

6. Floor Focused Textured Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Ideas as Nervous Floor Décor


Details for every interior theme are significant. It indicates how sophisticated the design is. When the floor is given more attention more than the other elements, it will be stunning. Chevron patterned tiles are absolutely beautiful as modern bathroom with classic wardrobe.

7. Classy Red Tiles with Vintage Pattern

Your bathroom should be a masterpiece where you show your gifted talent in designing the interior. Designing the bathroom with eclectic style is easy if you choose the right tiles, for example these red tiles. All bathroom surfaces are covered with tiles in red and white. Bath tub wall tile has classic themed pattern showcasing the class of this bathroom.

8. Creatively Combine Different Tiles

Inviting Interior with Different Bathroom Tiles Ideas also Visible Tempered Glass Door


The bathroom tiles aren’t always similar. Different tile sizes and different textures can blend their own characteristics. White marble tiles are used as the bathroom wall while smaller tiles are for the flooring. It’s great to give more varied bathroom look. Use this technique if you choose similar or monochromatic bathroom color.

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9. Mosaic Tiles with Traditional Pattern

It’s the true definition of classic luxuries. Look at how the bathroom wall is covered by these tiles. Carefully selected tiles strengthen the luxurious Tuscan style. To form the traditional bathroom, you will not need more decoration with ornaments. You can simply choose the right tiles for covering the walls and flooring. Then the ornaments will be needed no more.

10. Monochromatic Grey Bathroom

Fascinating Style of Monochromatic Grey Bathroom Tile Ideas also Stainless Steel Hanging vanity


Masculine appeal is presented by this futuristic bathroom. A tiny bathing room with stainless and industrial look is better to have darker tile. The tile color is the solid one, like grey. Set the tile wall and tile flooring in the similar color. The stainless appliances will shine brighter with this color contrast.

11. Small Black Tile Flooring

Marvelous Floor Décor with Black Bathroom Tile Ideas in Hexagon Shape also Toilet


Giving color variation isn’t always so complex. Black hexagon tile in small size suits as the bathroom flooring. White bathroom goes beautifully with this mosaic floor. Give more accents on this black flooring with tile in hexagon, too. They play decorative role in black flooring platform.

12. Calming Blue Bathroom

Gorgeous Design of Blue Bathroom Tile Ideas also Cabinet plus Fabric Curtain Décor


Cooling and calming are the senses offered by the bathroom with blue tiles. The good news for tile bathroom wall is it is easily cleaned. That’s why it’s much better than concrete wall. The wall paint maybe broken because of water but tile is more water resistant. Blue tile is simple but give great effect of absolute calm. Smaller green tiles are fabulous if you want more colors.

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13. Natural Bathroom with Intricate Tile

Pleasing Concept of Intricate Bathroom Tile Ideas also Bathtub plus Visible Glass Door


The bathroom looks rich both in colors and textures. How the wall is designed shows the true nature concept. The bathroom flooring has rich textures but in darker colors. Natural contemporary layout is perfectly brought by these extremely beautiful tiles. Customizing the tile arrangement is all right if you want brighter natural hues.

14. Basalt Tiles for Shower Room

Texture is important to create atmosphere in an interior. This basalt tile wall is outrageous giving high taste modernity. Glass door reveals the texture more. The beautiful texture like this should be exposed. Although the rest of bathroom furniture is standard, your bathroom won’t look dull with this texture.

15. Shady Brown Tiles

Look how natural they are. These tiles make the bathroom is like beautiful cave. Inspired by nature texture, these tiles are chosen for those who want shady bathroom without eliminating modern look. This shady bathroom is pretty background for contemporary bathroom appliances. Sleek furniture will have great color balance with this brown shade.

16. Peach for Modern Color

Completing the contemporary concept given by sleek bath tub, minimalist decoration, and glass doors, peach tiles are used as shower room wall. Small peach colored tiles look so shiny although surrounded by bright elements.

17. Natural Accent in Walk-in Shower

Here’s another tile with natural accent. The best things from these tiles are the installation and the arrangement. A modern bathroom with slim and sleek furniture requires simple accent without making the room does not useful. Therefore, the tiles are just installed on one side of the wall. However, it’s still classy.