4 Decorative & Refresh Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Enchanting Wall Lamps and Contemporary Bathroom Mirror Ideas above Maple Vanity and Brown Top

Mirror fixture is one of essential decorations in a bathroom. Mirror can be functional and decorative accessories. For small room, mirror can enlarge the room look.

In certain rooms with themes, mirror is the essential accessories used as the focal point.

Options of Bathroom Mirrors to Apply as Essential Decoration

Long Wall Bathroom Mirror Ideas above Floating White Vanity and Modern Planted Sink


It’s because mirror has potential to be an eye-catching item in the bathroom. The mirrors should be matched with the bathroom items and bathroom furniture. In modern interior designs, countless mirror designs are presented.

Setting up the mirrors above bathroom vanity needs careful choice of how the mirror should be applied.

1. Frameless Mirror to Enhance Contemporary Look

Minimalistic space needs sleeker elements. Therefore, unframed mirrors are the best for tiny bathroom. To enhance the look and avoid making it looks dull, adding recessed lighting is usually done. Frameless mirrors can polish the bathroom wall to be more attractive without making the bathroom looks crowded.

2. Cottage Mirror to Beautify Country Style Bathroom

Country style bathroom always gives the absolute coziness. Traditional bathroom in country style needs traditional mirror in country style, too. The typical country style mirror is framed with white wood. It is placed above the white vanity, too. However, modern country style mirror is framed in iron, too. White country style mirror is almost the same with beachfront themed mirror. Therefore, round iron also inspired this country style mirror in modern design.

Antique Wood Framed Bathroom Mirror Ideas above White Sinks near Shower Room and Bathtub


3. Bathroom Mirror for Certain Themes

Modern bathrooms are now designed in various themes. There are many choices to form your bathroom ambiances. You can make it looks soothing with nature theme, looks fresh with beach theme, or make it elegant with classic style. Different Bathroom needs different mirror fixture. The mirror styles can be emerged from the mirror frames. Mirror sizes are also needed to determine how the mirror dominate the room.

4. Unique Bathroom Mirror as Focal Point

Making the mirror as the main focal point in bathroom is so possible. All you should do is picking the mirror in the most unique design. Shabby mirror in rustic style is so eye catching among white plain bathroom paint. Meanwhile, framing the mirror with branches is the innovative and creative way to make the mirror more decorative.

Traditional Carving on Wood Framed Bathroom Mirror Ideas above White Sink and Vanity


Enchanting Wall Lamps and Contemporary Bathroom Mirror Ideas above Maple Vanity and Brown Top


Bathroom mirror ideas are essential for illuminating the interior. No matter what the mirror size is, if you select the right design, they will be so stunning. The bigger the mirror, the design should be more unique.

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