Ultimate Bathroom Flooring Ideas (+13 Pictures)

Alluring Mural on White Wall beside Round Bathtub inside Spacious Room using Teak Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Designing bathroom cannot be separated from bathroom tile choice. Flooring is the main platform to determine bathroom atmosphere.

Bathroom flooring is significant to strengthen bathroom interior theme. Modern bathroom needs neutral colored floor to complete the appearance.

Traditional bathroom needs more elegance for its flooring. Meanwhile, nature themed bathroom needs rusticity on the floor. Each floor shows the main characteristic of the bathroom for sure.

Setting Bathroom Flooring to Present Visual Beauty

How to set bathroom flooring needs significant factors to consider. First, see what the bathroom theme, and second you need to pick the flooring colors. Whether the flooring colors are neutral, soft, colorful, or rustic, make sure they are suitable with the whole bathroom background and design.

  • Creating Neutral Comfort with Concrete Bathroom Floor

This flooring combines soft and semi-rustic look. The rusticity comes from the concrete material set with textures. The flooring color is often in soft and neutral hues. Contemporary bathroom with functional concept tends to use this flooring type to enhance its simplicity. Minimalist room with minimalist style can be the alternative to create soothing bathroom.

  • Emerging Nature Color through Rustic Flooring

Nature is the most soothing theme for bathroom. Therefore, rustic flooring is needed by bathroom with natural color theme. If you have oriental theme or modern bathroom with greenery as the decoration, rustic themed floor is essential. Natural themed flooring can be in various styles. Some are made from natural stones mosaic, pebbles, or stones flooring.

  • Showing Modern Elegance with Wooden Flooring
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Wooden flooring makes the bathroom looks expensive. Wood floor isn’t only for traditional or classic bathroom. Modern bathroom looks more elegant with wooden elements. It’s not surprising that contemporary bathroom with colorful wall is perfectly matched with wooden flooring.

  • Tile Flooring for More Colors

The only way to make your bathroom flooring more colorful is by choosing tile as the construction. If you set your bathroom flooring with tile, you can have more choices for giving more colors. Arranging the tiles into mosaic gives different style in your bathroom. Combining the tile bathroom in various colors make the bathroom has beautiful. Choose the colors based on your bathroom personality. Yellow and blue are for cheerful bathroom or blue and white for more soothing.

Fantastic Stone Bathroom Flooring Ideas in Small Room with White Planted Bathtub and Wide Window


Bathroom flooring is one of the largest elements determining how the bathroom look will be. Rustic strengthens the natural color and neutral color presents clean appearance.

The most important thing is bathroom flooring should be easy to clean. Different flooring has different characteristics. They provide various style for you to choose.