15 Gorgeous Bathroom Cabinet Ideas (Plus 4 Tips)

Wonderful Purple Flowers between White Sinks and Glossy Faucets on Grey Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

We are sometimes overwhelmed when determining bathroom cabinet ideas for small room with lots of stuffs. It’s not anymore now if you are inspired by these following references.

They fit in every bathroom styles.

Traditional bathroom should have modern storage if they are designed in practical layout.

Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities Variations for Small Interior

Whether the bathroom is big or small, functional cabinets and vanities are always important. Don’t be mistakenly placed the vanity that doesn’t fit with the bathroom needs. Observe the interior size and style and then choose the right cabinets design.

Here are some ideas to let you know that cabinets can be varied in styles.

1. Clean Floor Look with Floating Vanity and Cabinets

There are many advantages of floating cabinets. The bathroom looks cleaner and the floor is easy to maintain. Vanity and cabinet shouldn’t be very complicated. Sleek designs with sharp lines are good for contemporary styles. Modern bathroom in minimalist interior should get these cabinets.

Unique Ceiling Lamps above Floating Oak Bathroom Cabinet Ideas with White Sink and Wide Wall Mirror


Fantastic White Sinks and Faucets above Floating Bathroom Cabinet Ideas under Wooden Framed Wall Mirrors


Lovely Red Top and Unique Details in White Bathroom Cabinet Ideas under Round Wall Mirror


2. Built-in Bathroom Cabinets for More Customized Storage

To get the fittest cabinet design for bathroom, customized cabinets are the best. Designing the cabinets based on the bathroom space is better especially if you have lots of things to store. You need sufficient place to keep them in uncluttered ways. Adding more drawers or shelving is the option if you design the vertical cabinets.

Shining LED Light inside Wall Bathroom Cabinet Ideas with Grey Doors and Glass Inner Shelves


3. Improving Sleekness with Open Shelving

Small interior should be sleek and clean. Bathroom cabinet solution for small interior is open shelving cabinet. This is also best if they are customized. Maximizing bathroom space is effective with these open shelving. Creating open shelving cabinets above closets make the bathroom wall is completely utilized.

Minimalist Teak Bathroom Cabinet Ideas with Round Sinks and Long Lower Shelf on Grey Flooring


4. Buffet Table as Vanity and Cabinets

Turning buffet table into bathroom cabinet or vanity is so common nowadays. Adjusting with contemporary style, bathroom cabinets especially in traditional style is modified into cabinet and vanity. Here you can have storage or cabinet, sink, and vanity at the same time. Completing the vanity look, placing wall mirror according to vanity theme is great idea. Rustic or dark wood are alluring to be remodeled as modern buffet vanity.

All of those cabinets and vanities are designed in modern way. Contemporary bathroom also welcomes traditional cabinet style, such as buffet table.

However, it can be beautifully modified into more practical storage. Another thing to live up the ideas is by painting them in the colors you desire.

Bright or neutral colors are good as long as they suit the bathroom painting theme.