28 Stylish Acrylic Coffee Table That Make Sense in Your Space

The coffee table can be a good furniture element for enhancing your room.

Imagine you have a space with acrylic coffee table, stone fireplace, decorated with terrarium and cool wall art. It enhances beautiful room design in such elegant shape. Of course, it gains mesmerizing room design with special appearance on its setting. It brings adorable room layout on your home.

Picking coffee table design is also important. You need to take concern on your room design for enhancing your stunning room impression. Of course, it creates simple room layout with its chic element. You will get new interior look by using this coffee table design.

Here we go, let’s check out several coffee table styles below. You can grab them as new inspiration for your home enhancement. You can find proper coffee table design based on your room setting. It gains unique setting on your home.

Our advice, add this for your man cave plan. Or choose wine barrel coffee table.

1. Peekaboo

Get this simple acrylic coffee table for the transparent design.

2. Boat Shaped

If you prefer to get unique coffee table shape, then look at this one.

Unique Coffee Table Shape


3. Classic

You also can get classic touch with its transparent layer on acrylic table surface.

4. Clear

This clear and transparent acrylic coffee table enhances modern room setting.

5. Another Clear

Compare with this clear design. It has gorgeous appearance, too.

Gorgeous Acrylic Coffee Table


6. Diamond Shape

You can see that the acrylic table enhances see-through furniture design.

7. Lucite Waterfall

The see-through furniture makes everything floats. What an incredible effects!

8. With Magazine Rack

You also can get this incredible acrylic coffee table for modern look.

9. Another Lucite

This modern acrylic coffee table enhances contemporary room setting easily.

Contemporary Modern Acrylic Coffee Table


10. Contemporary

Keep your contemporary room in clear way by adding this coffee table.

Clear Acrylic Coffee Table


11. Round

The clear and rounded acrylic table is a good choice, too.

Clear and Rounded Acrylic Coffee Table


12. Dark Color

Who say that acrylic is always clear? It also have black design.

13. Dark with Magazine Rack

Again, the black acrylic coffee table gains elegant room situation.

Elegant Black Acrylic Coffee Table


14. Bullet

This bullet table has black surface with acrylic material on its design.

15. Tunstall Nest

You can get black and futuristic acrylic coffee table like this one.

16. Colorful Rounded

Instead of using the black or white acrylic, you can get this colorful acrylic table.

17. Flowers & Colorful

This acrylic coffee table also has colored motifs that will bring amazing impression.

18. Curved Style

Get this clear acrylic coffee table with curved design on its shape.

19. Colored “S” Letter

This one has colorful surface with impressive curvy acrylic coffee table design.

20. Again, Lucite Waterfall

If you want to get lucite texture on acrylic coffee table surface, then pick this.

21. Rectangular

Instead of lucite, enhance your room minimalism by using this rectangular design.

22. Again, Rounded

Not interested with rectangular? The rounded table design can be a good alternative.

23. Twin Wood

The additional wooden layer will make your acrylic table different.

24. Another Wooden

Get some nature touch by adding the wooden and acrylic component.

25. Ultra Artistic

The acrylic material has its impressive transparent effect for your interior.

26. Trunk Lucite Chest

You can put the acrylic material on your old coffee table like this.

27. Colorful Trays

This one is a good choice for they who adore unusual acrylic coffee table.

Good Acrylic Coffee Table Design


28. Wooden Motif

Complete your minimalist room with this acrylic coffee table with unusual motifs.

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